Office Christmas Party Ideas

Searching For Unusual Office Christmas Party Ideas?

If you are looking for office Christmas party ideas in London and need some unique and original ideas for your event this year that will surprise your guests and treat them to a new experience, then start by filling in the enquiry form to the right!

Working with the best venues, caterers and event party producers in London we have put together a selection of the best, wildest and most unusual Christmas party ideas in London this year.

We have a fantastic selection of ready to go Christmas parties, featuring some of the most unusual and creative exclusive themed Christmas party ideas, which are perfect for larger groups, as well as shared office Christmas parties that are huge events with amazing atmosphere and entertainment that are available for small groups from as little as eight guests to join.

Whether you are planning an office party for a small group or you have a large work Christmas party to organise, our team of event planners are here to help you and can recommend the best Christmas party ideas and options for your event this year. Simply tell us a few bit about your preferences using one of the quick enquiry forms on this page and we will be in touch with a selection Christmas party ideas that will be perfect for your event brief.





Office Christmas Party Ideas​

Planning a Christmas party in London can be a lot of fun and there are plenty of amazing unusual Christmas party ideas to choose from. In addition there is also a vast selection of unique venues and unusual spaces that give you flexibility to create your own unusual Christmas event.

However, this vast amount of choice can be daunting for many people planning a Christmas party, many of whom have found the task landed on their desk and have little event planning experience themselves.

Fortunately, if you are planning your Christmas party in London and need help coming up with an unusual theme or event then there is free support and advice available from our team of event planning experts. Just fill in one of the enquiry forms on this page and our team event planners will be in touch to check your preferences and help you find and plan an usual Christmas party that your guests will never forget. Here are some of our Christmas party planning tips:

The first thing to think about when planning your office Christmas party is to understand what is most important to your guests and the decision-maker, Whether that is yourself or your boss. Think about location, your budget for this year, whether you would prefer an informal standing event or a more traditional seated Christmas party with the banquet, the type of entertainment and music guests will appreciate and whether they will enjoy some of the more creative themed Christmas party ideas on our website. Once you have this information, planning your Christmas party will be a piece of cake.

When thinking about the best location for your Christmas party think about whether your guests are going to be travelling from home or whether they will be travelling from the office after work. Ideally, it is always best to find a Christmas party that involves as little travel for your guests as possible, so if your guests are spread all over London then choose a Christmas party that is in a central and accessible location, or if you are planning to go to the event with your colleagues straight after work then choose something that is in walking distance or a short journey on public transport from your office, as travelling far across London before a party can be a real buzzkill.

If you are planning a Christmas party in London then you will be spoiled for choice, as every year teams of amazing event producers and venue managers put on their thinking caps and come up with the most creative and unusual Christmas party ideas that they can think of. These unique and unusual Christmas parties can come in the shape of large shared parties for smaller groups to join or exclusive events for bigger teams to enjoy, so there is something for everyone.