Hidden Gem Christmas Venues

There are hundreds of Christmas party venues to choose from in London and most event planners will know of about the majority of the Christmas venues available. However, there are always a selection of Christmas party venues that are still off the grid and unknown to the vast majority of people booking events in London, whether these venues are new to the city, or simply marketed in a very targeted way. Fortunately for anyone reading this, or unfortunately for venue managers who hoped to keep their venue a secret, our team of event planners make it our business to search out these hidden gem Christmas venues in London. In fact, our team manages five search websites dedicated to venues and events in London, so we know our stuff! Below is a selection of some of our favourite hidden gem Christmas party venues in the capital, although there are still some secret Christmas party venues that even we would not wish to publish on this page and so if you are interested in finding out about the best hidden gem Christmas venues in London then contact our team and tell us about your events this year to find out about any hidden gem Christmas venues that will be perfect for your party.

Hidden Gem Christmas Parties

Hidden Gem Christmas Venues

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If you do decide to go for a hidden gem Christmas party venue this year then there are plenty of plus sides, from surprising your guests and doing something new and interesting, to enjoying a venue that is often quite specialist or reserved for specific people. However, it is always worth keeping in mind that hidden gem venue are often a well-kept secret for a variety of reasons and corporate hospitality may not be the number one goal of certain hidden gem venues. Therefore it is important to have a relaxed approach to such an event and if you have a boss or a group of guests who like things to be pristine and perfect then perhaps consider a more mainstream Christmas venue for your event. 


If you are unsure then get in touch with our team and tell us about your event preferences and your group and we will be able to help you decide whether a hidden gem venue in London is right for your Christmas event.