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Every so often it is nice to treat your team to something special and many people will have attended the usual Christmas parties again and again, with a pop-up venue, a three course meal, some themed entertainment and a DJ and disco to finish. Whilst these are events are often awesome in their own right and with all of the creative themes available in London can be an awful lot of fun, it is always nice to mix things up a bit and these elegant Christmas party venues are a wonderful way to party in style.


Below you will find a selection of some of the most popular elegant Christmas party venues in London and if you need more ideas or are looking for an elegant and stylish Christmas venue in a specific location then get in touch with our team of expert event planners, who will be able to recommend a selection of elegant venues that will be perfect for your requirements this year.

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Holding a stylish and sophisticated Christmas party in an elegant venue can be a lot of fun and guests enjoy escaping from the typical night out at a bar or club and doing something a bit posh. When searching for the right elegant Christmas party venue it is important to check that there are no restrictions that will impede your event, as certain elegant venues in London will have limitations in terms of decorations, dancing and the time that festivities can continue on until, among other things. Whatever type of party you are looking to plan there will be an elegant Christmas events venue in London that is right for you and we just want to help you avoid booking a venue that you later find out is not quite right. Simply by being aware of any restrictions at the very beginning by asking your venue manager or event planner to detail them can help you avoid this and if required, move onto another elegant venue that will allow you to party in the way you see fit.


If you are planning to hire an elegant Christmas party venue, first of all think about the style of catering and whether you want it to be standing, with all food, canapés or a buffet, or whether you would like to have a sophisticated and stylish banquet where guests have a drinks reception followed by a seated meal with dancing thereafter. Once you have decided on this and have a rough idea of the number of guests you will be in a much better position to decide on the size of the elegant venue for your event. If you need any assistance planning your event in our team of experts are here to help!