If you are trying to think of corporate Christmas party ideas to celebrate the year with your team then start your search here, With plenty of Christmas party ideas for groups of all sizes to join. Planning the company Christmas party can be a bit daunting at first, especially with many of our Christmas party clients finding the job landed on their desk with little experience planning an event for large groups. With all of your colleagues depending on you to plan something fun, interesting and exciting, there can be quite a lot of pressure on Christmas party organisers. The good news is that if you are planning a Christmas party in London then our team are here to help and if you are just looking for Christmas party ideas then you will find a wide range of options here as well.

Corporate Christmas Parties

Themed Corporate Parties

If you are planning a Christmas party in London for your office outing then you will have an amazing selection of shared and exclusive Christmas parties to choose from, with all of the creative beaming done for you already and incredible catering at entertainment packages laid out for you as a range of wonderful venues throughout the city. For other locations around the UK there are also plenty of options to choose from and our team are available to give you advice on these if you do need assistance.

The themed Christmas party is available in into formats, the shared Christmas party and the exclusive Christmas party. An exclusive Christmas party allows groups to hire a Christmas party package or venue exclusively and enjoy the seeming and decoration at the venue, as well as catering packages that will be available throughout the entire Christmas run. With an exclusive Christmas party companies will have the venue or area within it The Christmas venue to themselves, which usually gives event organisers much more flexibility when it comes to making changes to the packages and tailoring the events to their preferences. To see some of the most popular exclusive Christmas parties in London this year you can follow this link to see the best exclusive Christmas parties in London. Alternatively exclusive Christmas parties are a perfect option for large groups, although we regularly plan exclusive Christmas events for groups of around 50 guests up to thousands of guests.

For smaller groups, or four medium-size groups of up to around 200 guests that wish to join a bigger Christmas event and share the amazing atmosphere, shared Christmas parties are a fantastic option and allow companies or groups of friends to join a big event, enjoy a wonderful Christmas party package and share the costs of the venue hire, catering, production and entertainment in with other companies. As such, a shared Christmas party will allow small groups to join a much more exciting and memorable event than they could otherwise afford when going for a private option. To see the most popular shared Christmas parties in London this year you can follow this link.

Another less common option for a Christmas party is a semi private Christmas event, which is similar to a shared Christmas party, although with the option for groups of certain sizes to have a private dining experience as part of the event and then join the other companies for a party and entertaining afterwards. And if you are interested in finding out about semi private Christmas party options in London then get in touch with our team of event planners, who will be able to recommend the most suitable events for your group size and preferred location.

And when planning a Christmas party in London, (as well as many other locations around the UK) there are hundreds of wonderful venues to choose from, Ranging from contemporary galleries and museums, to unusual visitor attractions, 3 to grand banquet halls, 3 to other private dining restaurants, bars and nightclubs as well as a plethora of unexpected event spaces that can be used as a Christmas party venue as well. Whilst many of the best venues in London will be taken over by a catering company or event management company such as ourselves for the Christmas party run, there are thousands of other Christmas venues available to hire either exclusively, or need to book a small space within a venue, or as well as semi private areas such as tables within bars and clubs.

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