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    London is home to a selection of the most impressive, diverse and memorable Christmas party venues in the world, ranging from stylish contemporary spaces, to funky and unique party venues, to relaxed urban warehouse Christmas venues, each with their own particular charm. Use the enquiry form to the right to start your Christmas venue search…

    On this page you will find a selection of some of the most popular Christmas party venues in London ranging across various styles and if you have a Specific event in mind or are planning your own Christmas party for your team, then our own team of Christmas planners are available to help you organise your event this year and do some of the leg work for you.

    When it comes to planning a Christmas party in London there are thousands of Christmas event spaces available to choose from and so the biggest challenge can often be finding the right venue among the masses of spaces available. Before you start searching for a Christmas party venue in London, it is a good idea to be completely clear about your preferences this year, as well as those of the person who is holding the purse strings, as you can quickly waste a large amount of time searching for venues only to have them rejected by a boss who has other ideas. 

    If you are unsure of the questions to ask, need some guidance or even just a little steer to help you find your perfect Christmas venue then our team are here to help!

    Christmas Party Venue Ideas​

    Sometimes planning a Christmas event can seem like a chore, especially if you have lots of other jobs to be getting on with, so save yourself time and use the free services of a team of experts such as our team at Love Events. Simply filling one of the enquiry forms to tell us about your event preferences and we will be delighted to help you plan your event this year, as well as recommended amazing entertainment ideas and themed events that you may otherwise not hear about.

    If you are set on finding a Christmas party yourself then you can quickly search through our selection of hundreds of the best Christmas venues in London using our advanced search form here, which has already shortlisted from thousands of spaces available in London to present you with the best Christmas party venues available. Even if you want to keep control of your event and use your own suppliers and theming, you can still ask our team for assistance finding a venue, by filling in one of our enquiry forms and making use of our free venue finding service in London.

    There are so many types of Christmas party venue to choose from that is a good idea to narrow down the selection to a few suitable venues to begin with. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can help you plan an amazing event this year. When searching for a Christmas party venue, you may find these Christmas party venue finding tips useful:

    Christmas Venue Search Tips

    When choosing a venue it is important to have enough space to hold the maximum number of guests that you may have, whilst also not being too big that your venue feels empty and guests are rattling around. If you are unsure of numbers then try and choose a venue that has a thin or unusual shape, rather than a big square Christmas party event hall, as they can feel much more sparse. Look to previous years to get an idea of the number of guests who are attending versus the number of guests who are invited.

    London is home to many beautiful Christmas party venues and it is also home to some of the most talented event photographers in the world, who can make practically any space look like a paradise. Be sure to see any venue that you are thinking of booking with your own two eyes, just to make sure that the space is everything you hoped it will be and that there are no nasty surprises on the night.

    Many people who are planning a Christmas party have found the job landed on their desk and have little previous experience planning such an event. Whether you are planning a huge exclusive Christmas party, or are looking for a venue for a small event then it is always a good idea to get in touch with event planning experts for advice. Our team of event planners at Love Events can help you find a venue and it won’t cost you a penny, as we are funded by the venues and caterers that we work with.

    Before you choose your Christmas party venue, think about where your guests will be travelling from, whether that is from home or from the office and try and make the journey as easy as possible for the most guests possible. If your guests are travelling to the venue from all across London then a central London Christmas party venue is usually a good idea. If you are going to the party straight from your office then ideally find a venue that is within walking distance, as catching public transport for too long can be a real buzz kill.

    From planning hundreds of Christmas parties, our team know that there is an age old formula that works time and time again that guests will enjoy the most, combining the essential elements such as a great venue, delicious catering, the right atmosphere and entertainment, as well as a creative edge that makes it stand out from other parties. If you are planning a party in London then there are many Christmas party packages and themed Christmas events for you to consider, so get in touch with out team of event planners who will be able to suggest the best options for you to consider. Don’t waste your time planning a Christmas event from scratch when you can simply tweak an existing event and mould it into your vision.

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      Love Christmas can help you plan your Christmas party FOR FREE! Whether you are a small group with 10 guests or a huge company with thousands of guests, we have so many amazing Christmas party options to tell you about! Why is our service free you ask? Well, put simply, we are funded entirely by the incredible venues and caterers that we work with, so whether you book one of our own events or an event produced by one of our amazing partners through our websites, you will receive the best price possible when booking through our platform.

      Our team of Christmas party planning experts have planned hundreds of Christmas parties, as well as most any other event you can think of, with clients ranging from royalty, heads of state and celebrities, to companies from all sectors, including many blue chip companies, so you are in safe hands.