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Wonderville Christmas Party

London, SW1Y

Step into a realm where vintage charm meets modern magic, right in the epicentre of the West End.

After its triumphant stint at the Palace Theatre, Wonderville re-emerges, grander and more enchanting, ready to sprinkle some festive dazzle. As you set foot in this realm, the surroundings echo with the past’s glamour, punctuated with a present-day vibrancy. Cradle a sparkling glass, an immediate teaser of the delights that await. Then, satiate your palate with London’s prime bowl delicacies, every bite promising a culinary journey.

But food is just the beginning. Prepare to be captivated, for Wonderville’s entertainment is nothing short of spellbinding. And when the last act bows and the applause ebbs, the night isn’t over. It’s your turn to be the star, lighting up the dance floor with moves that are nothing short of magical.

Wonderville beckons. Dare to experience the extraordinary?

Your Evening’s Blueprint

  • Secure your very own exclusive venue.
  • Commence with a bubbly reception that sets the evening’s tone.
  • Dive into a culinary voyage with our select bowl foods.
  • Need a breather? Our coffee station, coupled with refreshing mints, awaits.
  • Choices galore with our diverse drink packages.
  • Dance your heart out with our pro DJ orchestrating the beats.
  • Revel in our top-tier entertainment— pure Wonderville magic.
  • Ambient lighting sets the mood, and every hue is crafted to perfection.
  • Dive into the past with our Vintage Wonderville theme.
  • Every detail, big or small, is sculpted precisely, from event planning to execution.
  • Our dedicated crew ensures an evening without a hitch.
  • And for your belongings, a cloakroom stands ready on the house.