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Winters Of The World Shared Christmas Party

London, EC2A
  • Group size
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    £75+VAT pp
  • Drinks Package
    Upgrades Available

Winters of The World Shared Christmas Party at Finsbury Square

Welcome to Finsbury Square’s icy realms where ‘The Winters of The World’ invites you to a captivating mosaic of global festivities and thrilling games. Think of it as your personal passport to the zenith of winter celebrations, all without leaving the comfort of London. Ready to roll those ‘Jingle Bowls’? Venture into our frost-kissed Scandinavian forest games arena, radiant under the Northern Lights’ ballet. Maybe you’d prefer an Aspen adventure with an exhilarating game of Cornhole, or get ensnared in the ghostly allure of Mölkky. This journey, traversing the snowy Alps to the mystical forests of Scandinavia, isn’t just another event – it’s a wondrous voyage, bringing the world’s winter marvels right to London. So gear up, Londoners, because the grandest of winter escapades beckon!

Winters Of The World Shared Christmas Party Sample Schedule


Your entrance to the ‘Winters of the World’ sets the stage for a symphony of alpine allure and Nordic intrigue. Our hosts, filled with warmth and enthusiasm, will welcome you, evoking the snug feeling of an après-ski chalet, harmonized with the wonder of a Scandinavian forest. As you sip on a bubbly welcome drink, allow the Northern Lights to be your beacon. Don’t forget your drink and food vouchers, preloaded onto your ski passes, ushering you into a gastronomic odyssey.

Here, the soothing fusion of alpine warmth and the wild Nordic awaits. Cradle a comforting mulled wine or a holiday-inspired cocktail and let the après-ski spirit wash over you, as ancient trees stand witness, murmuring winter tales.

Your culinary expedition through snowy terrains is set. Relish dishes that are a marriage of Alpine zest with cherished winter customs. As you feast, cherish each flavor from our carefully crafted menu, made to enchant every taste bud.

Journey from the majestic Alps to the North’s profound essence. Our adept mixologists stand ready, weaving beverages that blend these diverse worlds. Whether it’s an Alpine brew or a winter cocktail, the universe is captured within your glass.

The stage is set with looming pines, the Northern Lights’ glimmer, and our Scandinavian mystical forest’s allure. Challenge your prowess in ‘Jingle Boreal Bowls’. Our games maestro and the legendary Mr. Björn Owlafsson stand by to guide and rally. Engage in competitive socialising and immersive games, making your night unforgettable.

As twilight descends, our après-ski bands and DJs infuse the air, harmonizing with the Nordic forest’s heartbeat, energizing the Aprés ski arena. Lose yourself to the dance, engage with spellbinding performances, and let the evening transport you to a realm of memories, melodies, and winter enchantments.


Winters of The World Christmas Party Highlights

A Competitive Socialising Arena
Authentic Après Ski Party
Gourmet Delicacies from the World’s Beloved Winter Destinations
Global Winter Tradition-inspired Pop-up Bars & Drinks
A Total Winter Immersion
Daily Authentic Après Ski Bands & Live Acts

Competitive Socialising:
Strengthen team bonds and cultivate connections through our competitive socialising escapades. Set against an enchanted Scandinavian forest backdrop, illuminated by the Northern Lights, our experiences seamlessly combine fun and camaraderie, brought to life by our in-house actors. Echoes of soulful Alpine music complete this perfect blend of team-building and joy. Explore an unmatched Competitive Socialising Arena featuring Jingle Mölkky, Bowls, and Cornhole.

Why Book Winters of the World Shared Christmas Party:

  • An international gourmet experience complementing the event’s ambiance.
  • Collaboration with globally acclaimed drink brands for a premium festive drink selection.
  • Authentic energy from the French Alps, resonating through our bands.
  • A unique winter celebration encapsulating global traditions in London’s heart.
  • Engaging actors elevate the gaming experience, weaving a captivating story-driven spectacle.
  • Magicians on the floor, ready to add a magical twist.
  • A festive ambiance, promising a journey to iconic winter spots worldwide.
  • Electrifying tunes from London’s top DJs crafting the night’s perfect soundtrack.

Shared Party Packages at Winters Of The World


  • 50 Minutes Jingle Bowls
  • 2 Drinks Per Person
  • 1 Main Meal Token
  • Live Entertainment
    Price: £75 p.p + VAT


  • 50 Minutes Jingle Bowls
  • 4 Drinks Per Person
  • 1 Main Meal Token
  • Live Entertainment
    Price: £100 p.p + VAT


  • 50 Minutes Jingle Bowls
  • 6 Drinks Per Person
  • 1 Main Meal Token
  • Live Entertainment
  • Premium Seating
  • Dedicated Host for 3 Hours
  • Includes a Mölkky/Cornhole Game
    Price: £125 p.p + VAT

Val D’isere:

  • 50 Minutes Jingle Bowls
  • 6 Drinks Including Cocktails
  • 1 Main Meal Token
  • Live Entertainment
  • Premium Seating
  • Dedicated Host for 3 Hours
  • Includes a Mölkky/Cornhole Game
    Price: £150 p.p + VAT

Packages are subject to availability. Terms and conditions apply.