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Troxy: A Unique and Glamorous Christmas Party Venue

Located within easy access of Central London and close to Shoreditch, Troxy is a stunning Grade II listed Art Deco event space perfect for hosting large Christmas parties. This unique venue can accommodate up to 800 guests for a dinner dance or 1,500 guests for a standing Christmas party.

Ideal for award shows, large meetings, conferences, concerts, and weddings, Troxy offers a versatile and character-filled space for your festive event. Its historical charm and grandeur provide a glamorous backdrop for an unforgettable holiday celebration.

The team at Troxy is renowned for their flexibility and dedication to helping you bring your vision to life. You’ll be assigned an event manager who specializes in your type of event, and they’ll work with you to plan and organize every detail. Troxy’s approved suppliers have extensive knowledge of the venue and share the same service-focused approach.

One of the greatest advantages of choosing Troxy for your Christmas party is the transparent pricing. Once you pay your hire fee, there are no hidden costs or surprises – unless you request something extraordinary or need to hire specific items on your behalf.

Troxy is also committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its guests. The team will work with you to carry out individual risk assessments and analyses for each event they host, ensuring that your Christmas party is both fun and secure.

In short, if you’re looking for a unique and glamorous venue for your Christmas party, Troxy is the perfect choice. With its distinctive character, exceptional service, and transparent pricing, you and your guests are sure to have a memorable holiday celebration.

Our team are renowned for their flexibility whether it be providing an unusual solution to your event brief, enabling you to use all the in-house production elements in the building or making sure you’ve got all the travel and hotel information you want. You’ll be allocated an events manager who specialises in your kind of gig and they’ll be your contact for all planning and on the night organising alongside our operations team. We’ve sourced some of the most experienced and talented people in the UK. Our approved suppliers know the venue inside out and are as service focussed as we are.

On top of that, we promise not to surprise you with any nasty hidden costs. Once you pay your hire fee that’s it, there’s nothing to add on top, unless we need to specifically hire something in on your behalf or you want to do something out of the ordinary.If you’re looking for a unique venue with loads of character (and who isn’t) then, to paraphrase our recent guest Robbie Williams, we’re the one.


Google Reviews

4,263 reviews
  • Lizzy
    2 months ago

    I went to see Luke Hemmings last night (With the wonderful supporting act NewDad) and it was incredible, but I give 3 stars because the seats are tiny and you're cramped into them, but when Luke came on stage we fans all stood up, I have never been told to sit down in a concert, seems like if you want to stand up you have to go to the back of the circle block, I don't what the issue of standing up was, I never asked, but to be honest it was my first time in a small venue for a concert, big venues like 5 Seconds Of Summer toured in, I've never been told to sit down? Honestly I know you usually stand up in a concert, so you can dance and jump around, but they said sit down, whilst the people in the front seats, they got to stand up, so rude that they staff let them but not the people in the seats behind, next time let us stand because the seats are tiny and it's a concert of course you stand, it makes the night miserable, Luke saw the fans dancing, but if they ones in the back didn't, it isn't fair or fun. Needs sorting out, very rude.

  • farid Hosseini
    farid Hosseini
    4 months ago

    I recently visited Obrabra night for a blondish event and although the venue was beautiful and the staff was friendly, there were a few issues that affected my experience. Firstly, the toilets were too far away and there was always a long queue for the locker room which meant we wasted a lot of time. Additionally, the smoking area was too far from the main hall and there was no roof so when it rained, we couldn't smoke in peace. Despite these problems, the lighting was perfect, and it seemed like a great venue for concerts and theatre. However, it wasn't ideal for a party as the sound quality was not very good. Overall, I would recommend the venue with caution and suggest that management work on addressing these issues.

  • Matty
    3 months ago

    A great visit to this converted theatre venue, really excellent sound here which made it for me. Entry was efficient and relatively quick, but the cloakroom needs a rethink just way too long getting your coat back at the end of the night. Seriously though it’s a great venue and I will be back. My top tip… don’t take a coat!

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson
    2 months ago

    Really impressed with The Troxy as a venue. Staff were ok but contradicted each other a number of times causing confusion. The only downside of the night was the length of time it took to get served at the bars were mad, we are talking a good 10 to 15 minutes luckily it was a 3 hour concert.

  • Ian
    2 months ago

    It's honestly a very good location. The sound system they use is especially good. It's gonna blow your eardrums out(in a positive way) drinks are rather expensive but that's to be expected in locations like these. I feel like there is an improvement possible in how you let people in. It was just a long line around several blocks. Maybe let people in a bit earlier. Especially if only the first gig is playing. No need to block all the sidewalks

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