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Christmas Party Venues Elegant, Historic, Iconic Guide budget from £32,000

Tower of London Christmas Party Venue

London,EC3N 4AB
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The Tower of London Christmas Party Venue

Experience an unforgettable Christmas event at the iconic Tower of London, where each function room has its own unique story, perfect for setting the scene for both grand events and intimate affairs. Whether you’re planning a large-scale production with entire venue hire or a smaller gathering, this historic venue offers a variety of spaces to suit your needs.

The Reveller, synonymous with its name, is a place to party, dance, and revel. Located on the outer wall, it features both indoor and outdoor space and can be hired all day and evening with a late-night licence. The Reveller can be hired exclusively or in addition to one of the historic spaces within the Tower walls, seating up to 100 for dinner and 250 for a reception.

For smaller groups or individual teams, the Tower of London offers several unique spaces inside its walls. The White Tower, home to Henry VIII’s armour, is a spectacular setting for evening events. The New Armouries provide a blank canvas space for large receptions, while the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, still in use, is perfect for dinners of up to 70 guests with historic displays of regimental colours lining the walls.

No visit to the Tower of London is complete without seeing the crown jewels in The Jewel House, where up to 150 guests can enjoy a pre-dinner reception, or up to 500 delegates for private views. A Yeoman Warder tour is a popular add-on, creating a memorable historical experience for your friends or colleagues.

The Tower of London can recommend caterers specializing in casual bowl food or fine-dining finesse, as well as advise on floral suppliers, entertainment, lighting, and corporate gifts. Make your Christmas event truly memorable with an exclusive celebration at the Tower of London.




Google Reviews

103,077 reviews
  • David Liss
    David Liss
    a week ago

    Incredible historic place. Epic, incredible, amazing. The crown 👑 jewels. Armour, weapons from history, a prison and place of Ann Boleyn's execution. Watch the brief historic video. Speak with the guards in historic costumes. They are all retired soldiers who live on the premises. It's such an historic treasure.

  • Yapa Wijeratne
    Yapa Wijeratne
    a week ago

    Magnificent place. Staff is very friendly and helpful. It is almost a full day to discover everything. Toilets, baby changing areas are available. Due to multiple stairs, some areas have limited access if you take wheelchairs or buggies. If you are planning to stay in the UK or are you willing to explore more historic places, it is worth getting the "historic royal palaces" membership.

  • Veronica Passaro
    Veronica Passaro
    a week ago

    A beautiful, well kept historical place. I recommend buying an audioguide to help you better understand what you are looking at. You have recommended itineraries of different duration that ensure that, even if you have limited time, you won’t miss the highlights. I have mixed feelings about the crown’s jewels but that’s a separate matter.

  • Darryl Milczarek
    Darryl Milczarek
    a week ago

    Having read that the Tower of London was a super hot attraction, we planned to be there 30 minutes before it opened, and that turned out to be a smart move. After a 20 minute tube ride from our hotel near Paddington Station, we arrived at Tower Hill stop and were surprised to see more than100 visitors ahead of us, standing in the rain, waiting for the Tower to open. Dodging umbrellas, and the storm, the tower finally opened the gates and it didn't take all that long to get inside. Of course we headed right to the Crown Jewels tower, and found it was not all that crowded. Within a few minutes, we were rewarded with the wonder and spectacle of the priceless treasures. Most of the displays were under heavy glass, and we were able to walk around them and read all the details. However, when we approached the Royal Crowns, Orbs, Scepters and other Jewels, we actually stood on a moving conveyor as we were propelled at a moderate speed past the displays. One could go back around for another moving view, but we found the first time was fulfilling and enough to satisfy our curiosity. I would say we spent around an hour in that one tower, and plenty of time visiting the displays in a few more towers. All the displays were incredible, and well worth our time. Because we had planned to see some more sights later on, we had to leave after about 3 hours. There were so many things we didn't see, that I think another visit on a future trip to London would be worthwhile.

  • Tracey-Anne
    a month ago

    I came for my second visit in a little under 50 years! I was in awe of the architecture of the building and at how deceivingly big it was inside. I came along with a local community group and we took a tour with Wayne, a resident Beefeater. He was incredibly knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour! After eating our packed lunch, we decided to take a look at the crown jewels. The queue was quite long but it moved pretty fast. As we were waiting, we were greeted with the amazing views around the tower grounds. It was a tad cold and windy but I'm sure it's beautiful in the summer. Going in to see the crown jewels, I was a little disappointed at the way it was displayed. It was quite dark and sparse inside. The crowns themselves were amazing, such beautiful jewels. I would have liked to take a bit more of a trip around the other areas but on a quieter day. That's the only thing I don't enjoy, too many people around.