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Christmas Party Venues Bars, Unique Guide budget from £10,000

The Scotch of St James Christmas Party Venue

London,SW1Y 6BU
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The Scotch of St James Central London Christmas Party Venue

Discover an exceptional Christmas party venue at The Scotch of St James, a unique and iconic space set across two floors in the heart of London. This historic location captures the essence of its colourful Rock ‘n’ Roll past while offering a modern and exclusive social experience for your festive celebration.

The Scotch of St James Christmas party venue has recently undergone a refurbishment, introducing exquisite design elements such as animal and plant prints, luxurious gold velvet lounge seating, and vibrant colours. These enhancements create a colonial ambiance in the speakeasy-style space, perfect for an unforgettable Christmas party in London.

Descending into the basement, you’ll find the legendary live nightclub, complete with lavish seating around private tables and booths. This area overlooks the historic dance floor, DJ, and stage, all equipped with an incredible sound system to cater to all your audio needs. The upper level features a well-stocked, beautifully lit copper bar, and an adjacent room that can be kept open or made private, depending on your preferences.

The Scotch of St James Christmas party venue can accommodate various private events, from intimate seated dinners and private celebrations to corporate gatherings. The adaptable space on both floors can cater to private screenings, Christmas events, pre/post-dinner events, live music showcases, team-building activities, and pop-ups.

No matter the event, the Scotch of St James team is ready to assist you with all aspects of the planning process. They have access to London’s finest suppliers to ensure your Christmas party in London is a smashing success. Don’t miss the opportunity to host a memorable festive event at this extraordinary venue.




Google Reviews

113 reviews
  • Hunter Ldn
    Hunter Ldn
    2 months ago

    This place is unsafe crowded, the service and management are horrendous. Never see anything like this, where’s the Westminster council which allow this venue to operate in unsafe conditions? They have no toilets, the smell of this place makes you wanna leave as soon as you step inside.(unless they call that boot upstairs a toilet) The manager for the club downstairs is extremely rude and unprofessional. An absolutely horrible experience !!!

  • Teresa Petra
    Teresa Petra
    2 months ago

    SO OVERRATED kept being shushed like can i not speak in the smokers area!!!???? as well as no seats! do not recommend especially for guys: £30 for entrance!!!!!!

  • Alexander Seifalian, Professor

    We went to the club Friday night and I was robbed of my phone and money outside the club, even with the security guard watching. PLEASE be careful, if you decide to go there.

  • Stelina Maria
    Stelina Maria
    10 months ago

    My experience there was awful! They do not maintain any capacity restriction and that is very serious! I don ‘t want to think about the end result of a failure to follow safety procedures in any emergency situation! People queue up for the toilets, for the bar or for the cloakroom, so nobody can enjoy any service. Anyone could barely move because of the crowd they let in! They try to handle all this crowd resulting in staff being brief and curt! I wonder why they think they offer something so great that worths to be expensive too! This place under these conditions is appalling! I hope they follow capacity restrictions so that their customers are comfortable and able to enjoy their nights!

  • ענבר אלקובי

    Terrible management. Booked a place via their whatsapp number provided on their site - they stated there is a guest list and that we are registered. When coming to the place the bouncer told us that there is no guest list, and we were Can’t describe the disappointment. I recommend everyone to stay away from this place, the selection smelled from racism.