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The Postal Museum Christmas Party Venue

London,WC1X 0DA
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The Postal Museum Christmas Party Venue

Discover the magic of a truly unique Christmas party venue at The Postal Museum in Clerkenwell, Central London. The Courtyard and Mail Rail at The Postal Museum are award-winning venues available for exclusive hire, making them the perfect choice for all types of corporate, experiential, and private Christmas parties in London. With over 100 years of history hidden from view, the Mail Rail Christmas party venue offers an unparalleled experience for you and your guests.

Mail Rail, a vital part of Britain’s communication network for over 75 years, remained concealed from the public eye. Now, you can delve into the secret space, embracing the ambition, dedication, and ingenuity that makes it genuinely unique. The Mail Rail Christmas party venue is not only inspiring and versatile but also highly adaptable, accommodating a wide range of evening events.

Boasting an impressive industrial blank canvas space, the Mail Rail Christmas party venue is adorned with inspiring architectural features such as vaulted ceilings and exposed brickwork. The adaptable space is ideal for dinners, drinks receptions, and parties, as well as award ceremonies, product launches, and presentations. With a capacity of up to 275 for receptions, 150 for dinners, and 120 for dinner dances, this distinctive subterranean venue caters to various Christmas events in London.

One of the unique aspects of the Mail Rail Christmas party venue is the exclusive opportunity for guests to enhance their event experience with an underground miniature train ride through the secret 100-year-old Mail Rail tunnels. This once-in-a-lifetime dining opportunity allows you to immerse yourself in the industrial decadence and character of the Mail Rail depot while exploring the abandoned underground tunnels beneath London’s streets.

In addition to the Mail Rail venue, The Postal Museum’s Courtyard offers versatile and contemporary event spaces perfect for networking events, receptions, or even BBQ events. The sunny courtyard features a beautiful thematic living plant wall, providing the ideal backdrop for any Christmas party in London. The Courtyard accommodates up to 120 guests for receptions, 60 for dinners, and 100 for meetings or conferences. Enhance your guests’ experience further with a private tour of the museum galleries, making it a truly memorable Christmas event.

Choose The Postal Museum for your next Christmas party in London, and let your guests indulge in a unique and unforgettable experience.




Google Reviews

403 reviews
  • David Mullins
    David Mullins
    3 weeks ago

    Great value and hugely interesting. Both the mail train and the museum were fascinating. Good value on the entrance fee as well. About a 10 minute walk from Kings Cross.

  • Dominic Lee
    Dominic Lee
    4 months ago

    A well designed and engaging Museum and attraction, great as a family day out. The Mail Rail was a hit. Very lovingly curated inside the postal museum.

  • Kwok Lau
    Kwok Lau
    7 months ago

    The Mail Rail at The Postal Museum is a fascinating and unique experience. It is a chance to travel on a miniature train through the tunnels that were once used to deliver mail around London. The tunnels are narrow and winding, and the train is small, but the experience is well worth it. The train ride is about 20 minutes long, and it takes you past some of the most important locations in the history of the postal service. You will see the sorting office at Mount Pleasant, the place where all of London's mail was once sorted. You will also see the old mail trains, which were used to transport mail around the city. The train ride is accompanied by a commentary that tells you about the history of Mail Rail and the postal service. The commentary is informative and interesting, and it helps you to understand the significance of what you are seeing. In addition to the train ride, the Postal Museum also has a number of other exhibits that tell the story of the postal service. There are exhibits on the history of mail delivery, the different types of mail that have been sent over the years, and the people who worked for the postal service. The Postal Museum is a great place to learn about the history of the postal service and to see a unique part of London's underground network. The train ride is the highlight of the visit, but the other exhibits are also worth seeing.

  • Funki Foods
    Funki Foods
    7 months ago

    A great experience on the train, interactive but claustrophobic! Wouldn't recommend if you have claustrophobia or heavily pregnant. It lasts around 15 minutes and it is a pretty cool way to learn the history of how mail travelled.

  • Chris Little
    Chris Little
    a month ago

    Forced to go by my girlfriend who watches all of the programs ... But really enjoyed the train journey, the exhibition