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The Grand Temple Christmas Party

London,WC2B 5AZ

Prepare to be dazzled by the unparalleled splendour of The Grand Temple Christmas party at the iconic art deco Freemasons’ Hall, situated in the heart of London’s Covent Garden. With its Grade II listed venue and breathtaking setting, this magnificent Christmas party at Freemasons Hall is designed to amaze and delight your senses.

Experience the Magic of The Grand Temple Christmas Party

Guests will be welcomed with a sparkling reception, followed by their choice of delectable food options and generous all-inclusive house drinks packages. Enhance your Grand Temple Christmas party experience with exciting upgrades, such as canapés, spirit packages, magicians, a four-piece band, and jaw-dropping entertainment acts. Dance the night away 1920s-style, as our talented DJ transports you and your guests to a Venetian carnival atmosphere.

Package Inclusions

  • Exclusive venue hire from 18:30 – 01:00
  • Sparkling drinks reception on arrival
  • Bowl food menu or three-course seated dinner
  • Unlimited house wine, beer, and soft drinks
  • Pre-event menu tasting
  • Cloakroom facilities
  • AV equipment, dance floor, and DJ
  • Event security and first aider
  • Dedicated event manager

Why Choose The Grand Temple for Your Christmas Party?

The Grand Temple Christmas party offers a unique and unforgettable festive experience in the heart of London. Combining the historic Freemasons’ Hall with captivating Venetian carnival theming, your Christmas party at Freemasons Hall promises to be a memorable event for all in attendance. Impress your guests and create lasting memories this Christmas 2023 with an extraordinary celebration at The Grand Temple.

Book Your Grand Temple Christmas Party Today!

Don’t miss out on the chance to host an extraordinary Christmas party at Freemasons Hall. Contact our dedicated team now to secure your exclusive Grand Temple Christmas party and experience the magic of a Venetian carnival in a stunning London setting.

Enhance Your Grand Temple Christmas Party with Exciting Upgrades

Make your guests feel extra special by adding a touch of extravagance to your Grand Temple Christmas party. Our range of upgrades offers endless possibilities to elevate your Christmas party at Freemasons Hall and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Entertainment Upgrades

  • Dancers
  • Bands
  • Photobooths
  • Casino tables
  • Magicians
  • Massages
  • Cocktail bars
  • Espresso bars


Enhance your reception with our exquisite canapés, designed to complement your dinner or reception. Delight your guests with 4 perfectly curated canapés per person.

Casino Tables

Add a thrilling twist to your event with casino tables, either operated free of charge to guests or for a small fee with proceeds going to a charity of your choice.

Food Stations

Our team loves designing inspired and impressive food stations tailored to your theme. Beautiful décor and innovative menus create an unforgettable experience while adhering to safety guidelines.

All Night Drinks Packages

  • All Night Spirit Package: Spirits available for you and your guests all night
  • After Dinner Spirits Package: Spirits served from 9:00 PM – 12:30 AM




Google Reviews

1,646 reviews
  • Angélica Laussín

    Simply magnificent! Whether you are initiated or not, this museum is worth visiting. A life is not enough to understand each symbolism and enjoy so much information, except for a few hours that one would like to never end, but it is nice to have the opportunity to live this unique and incomparable experience. The paintings have the Mona Lisa technique, it is very interesting and fun at the same time. I loved the aprons section, it really fascinated me, seeing each apron from different nations and the symbols, the history and the teaching and learning that they are impregnated with, it is amazing to be able to stand in front of them and imagine everything that those aprons represent and they have listened. They're silent witnesses, imbued with invaluable knowledge I wish they could add something from the American continent, such as Mexico and Benito Juárez, he became the last among the Brothers. Only as a reference and general culture that in America, specifically Mexico, where we also do good and honor the Masonic Order. If you don't mind, I hope I'm not offending you with my suggestion. I was very happy to have been able to be there and have access to so much old and valuable information. England has a lot of teaching if you know how to look carefully and humbly. Thank you. ' .

  • Rob
    3 months ago

    Freemasons Hall in London is a captivating destination that seamlessly blends history, culture, and architectural grandeur. This iconic building houses a fascinating museum, a charming café, and boasts a rich heritage that will leave you in awe. Step inside the museum, and you'll find yourself immersed in the captivating world of Freemasonry. From ancient artifacts to intriguing displays, the museum offers a glimpse into the rituals, symbols, and traditions of this enigmatic fraternity. It's a truly enriching experience that unveils the secrets of Freemasonry's past... recommended.

  • Becky T
    Becky T
    4 months ago

    We came for the free museum, and found it to cover a lot of facets of the Freemasons history, rituals, and beliefs without being too overtly propagandizing (which is what I had thought it might do). We spent about an hour - 30-35 minutes in the museum then another 25-30 in the library and south gallery. There is a lot of information information about the rituals, objects, how quickly it expanded worldwide, key figures and members, etc. Signage is quite clear, and you can either take a quick look at the big signs, or learn a little more in-depth details by reading about the specific objects (as those commonly contained interesting factoids vs. just saying what the object was). It did occasionally feel like name dropping - Ben Franklin, Voltaire, royalty, etc. - and when heading to the second library/south gallery side it mentioned people that dissented but then didn’t really elaborate, which was a little disappointing. It is free to enter, though there is an audio guide available for £5. They also have a gift shop, and clean toilets.

  • B J Goldzinski
    B J Goldzinski
    4 months ago

    A beautiful place of incredible design. The architecture and work put in it are simply incredible. I don't think anyone will build a place like this again. It is worth seeing and I would recommend it as a tourist attraction as this place is one of a kind in a league of its own. Simply breathtaking.

  • Thomas Larsen
    Thomas Larsen
    a month ago

    I've been a Freemason for over 10yrs and have seen nothing like this. Makes you feel small, yet inspired to be the best you, that you can be. If that was the point well done Brothers!!