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Christmas Party Venues Unique Guide budget from £8,000

The Electric Cinema Christmas Party Venue

London,W11 2ED
  • 83

Electric Cinema Christmas Party Venue: A Unique and Versatile Space for Your Celebration

Choose the Electric Cinema for your Christmas party in London, a unique venue that is perfect for private hire for various events, accommodating up to 83 people. Whether you need a day venue for a press launch, screening, presentation, or conference, the Electric Cinema provides the ideal space, state-of-the-art technology, delicious food, and exceptional service to make your event a success.

The Electric Cinema also has sister venues in other locations, offering additional options for your Christmas party:

Electric Cinema White City is a one-of-a-kind space suitable for private hire, accommodating up to 112 people. The venue features three screening rooms with 4K laser phosphor projection, Dolby Atmos sound, and XpanD 3D, as well as the ability to host 4K alternative content.

In Shoreditch, you’ll find a fantastic East London screening room available exclusively for private hire, boasting a capacity of 50 seats.

Opt for the Electric Cinema or one of its sister venues for your Christmas party in London and enjoy a unique, versatile space that caters to a variety of event types and sizes.



Google Reviews

1,379 reviews
  • Paul Dobson
    Paul Dobson
    in the last week

    The cinema is really nicely located and feels (justifiably) like a real piece of history. It has some nice niche ideas, such as “beds” to watch the showing (in addition to more normal sofas and armchairs). The reason for a rating of 3/5 is twofold: -cleanliness of our “bed” was poor. It was stained and dirty with old spills, but also covered in crisps and crumbs - there’s not much in the way of food offering compared to cinemas such as the Everyman (which made it even more surprising there were so many crumbs) Even so, it’s worth supporting this place and appreciating its history and significance

  • Maksim Abramchuk
    Maksim Abramchuk
    3 weeks ago

    Our absolute favorite cinema in London (if not in the world). Very chic interior and vibe, contrary to the way cinemas look now. Food served there is from Electric Diner nearby so it's great too, I'd recommend mozzarella sticks and a cheeseburger. Also, go for a back sofa option, it's much spacier.

  • Ella Shinar
    Ella Shinar
    a month ago

    They don’t serve popcorn? I get they’re trying to be fancy and all that but come on, you’re a movie theater. The beds are definitely unique for London, that’s definitely reflected in the expensive prices (£40 for the bed at the front and £50 for a bed at the back) which would be cute for a date night if they weren’t covered by questionable stains and filth.

    3 months ago

    Nice place The good thing is that you are not too much people in he cinema and have a lot of space for yourself. The whole concept could be better : I think being able to order from your seat or the price could be nice.

  • Anastasiia Medynska

    It was nice experience! There is a bar behind the seats, where you can order a food or a drink. The drink will have immediately almost, and the food they will bring to your seats. Really good sound, screen not so big but quality of image pretty good. Really like my time which I spent there:) totally would recommend for a date night!