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The Cuckoo Club Christmas Party Venue

London,W1B 4DE
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The Cuckoo Club Central London Christmas Party Venue

The Cuckoo Club, located in the heart of central London, is the perfect venue for a range of events, from brand launches and corporate gatherings to unforgettable parties. With an experienced and passionate team at your service, this bespoke, boutique venue offers delectable drinks, catered cuisine, and superior service to exceed your expectations and impress your guests.

Boasting 5,000 square feet of glamorous interior design spread over two floors, The Cuckoo Club combines style and substance in a unique and contemporary setting. With a capacity of 450 guests, this versatile venue features a stunning club bar in the basement and a top floor that can effortlessly transform into a beautiful restaurant.

For over fifteen years, The Cuckoo Club has maintained its position as one of London’s premier late-night institutions, attracting the city’s most discerning night owls. Its superb central London location makes it the ideal venue for a wide variety of events.

Offering a range of Mediterranean dishes, drinks, and bottles, guests can also indulge in innovative cocktails crafted by some of the country’s most dynamic mixologists. The Cuckoo Club provides a fantastic atmosphere with the best live music and exciting DJs, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees.



Google Reviews

302 reviews
  • erim sönmez
    erim sönmez
    2 months ago

    The bouncers are extremely nice they are really friendly but i cant say the same for the promoters who work there this place should be closed down the entrance fee is really expensive and the promoters pick the girls they think that look good to keep them behind the dj and “try their shot”

  • Mina Derin CINAR
    Mina Derin CINAR
    3 weeks ago

    We went to Turkish event (aya nights ) Amazing event we enjoyed it thank you for hosting just the problem is the alcohol option is not much and £23 too expensive for one glass

  • M A
    M A
    2 weeks ago

    This place is an absolute sham, guys. Don't go. They ask for 80 pounds per person just to enter. Drinks are expensive. Not to mention that the place is full of kids! Bottom line: the price does not match the value.

  • Helena Lachowicz
    Helena Lachowicz
    3 months ago

    Awful experience, been a few times to give it a chance and faced with the same issues every time. The staff is incredibly rude, unfriendly and aggressive. I got physically shoved by this one bigger security several times - bear in mind I am sober in the club and behaving myself, so there was seriously no need, she could’ve asked nicely to move over to the side. Then waited for my coat when I left the club for about 20 minutes. The crowd is mostly 16-20 looking year olds, not really a vibe.

  • Tatiana Augustin
    Tatiana Augustin
    5 months ago

    We were two girls, went into the club. The entery was alredy a lot and the club wasn't that good. The people were really unfriendly and the drinks are very expensive. Its not something that you have to do in London. The Music was very loud (my ears rang afterwards... and not the good way) and not even that good. We've been to better places in London.