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The Cuckoo Club Christmas Party Venue

London,W1B 4DE
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The Cuckoo Club Central London Christmas Party Venue

The Cuckoo Club, located in the heart of central London, is the perfect venue for a range of events, from brand launches and corporate gatherings to unforgettable parties. With an experienced and passionate team at your service, this bespoke, boutique venue offers delectable drinks, catered cuisine, and superior service to exceed your expectations and impress your guests.

Boasting 5,000 square feet of glamorous interior design spread over two floors, The Cuckoo Club combines style and substance in a unique and contemporary setting. With a capacity of 450 guests, this versatile venue features a stunning club bar in the basement and a top floor that can effortlessly transform into a beautiful restaurant.

For over fifteen years, The Cuckoo Club has maintained its position as one of London’s premier late-night institutions, attracting the city’s most discerning night owls. Its superb central London location makes it the ideal venue for a wide variety of events.

Offering a range of Mediterranean dishes, drinks, and bottles, guests can also indulge in innovative cocktails crafted by some of the country’s most dynamic mixologists. The Cuckoo Club provides a fantastic atmosphere with the best live music and exciting DJs, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees.




Google Reviews

258 reviews
  • Sepide Sohrab
    Sepide Sohrab
    2 weeks ago

    Avoid this place with all cost !! Absolutely unprofessional. I did read the reviews before planning going here and I wish I did take reviews seriously. I book online to be in guest list for my group of friends. They contacted me via messaging to ask any additional questions. All done got our guest list sorted. Upon arrival blond female at the door With 0 costumer service skills who had this scary amount of attitude. Me showing the email of guest list confirmation and telling its Phillips list (they told me via message to say Phillips list via arrival ) she turns around within 3 second yeah Phillips list is FULL! Being all defensive she did this Without confirming with anyone inside. What they tried is to sell us a table only then they could let in! Costing 1500£ absolutely no thanks. that’s the place looked empty anyway . Funny Phillips which was nice person messaged why we didn’t come in I told they said his list is full. They told him we got rejected and didn’t tell him the reason. And these people work together horrible team work . NEVER AGAIN

  • Dmitry Lesnevskiy
    Dmitry Lesnevskiy
    a week ago

    £50 entry for guys? Are you having a laugh? There's nothing on this earth worth a £50 entry, let alone an overcrowded sweaty club. Elite they said. What a joke. You take the fun out of clubbing. Go buy a whiskey bottle and coke from tescos for £7.99 and dance in your living room. And text your mum goodnight.

  • Ellie P.
    Ellie P.
    a month ago

    History of idiocy Pls change your name to- The idiots' club. The level of discrimination screams poor management! The rudeness of all the staff will not hold you much either. If you care at all of the people's opinion you will change something about it, if not it only shows why the owners chose that management (if that can be called management at all), or if even the owners themselves know how to make business or waiting for the money to pour into that rubbish place. Or you can simply call the place- The escort club, will also suit you. Not going to recommend that place or any other where the same owners are involved. You are not even close to posh to allow yourselves to be that rude Good luck PS.:Ah, I get it now after reading the reviews of the previous closed club Toy Room at the Argyll street. The vide where the minions are smashing someone's head is amazing, pf. How are you even allowed to open another club under the same so called "co-owner"?

  • Adriana de Santiago
    Adriana de Santiago
    6 months ago

    I had the worst night out thanks to the staff working for this club. They will be constantly asking to move from certain areas or even touching some places in the rudest way. And to finish it off, we paid £9 pounds to leave our jackets in the cloakroom, and when went to pick them up the girl working there insisted that we never gave her my coat (I handed the ticket 1 minute before that and even had to show her the payment on the phone) she wanted us to leave just like that, and after 10 minutes complaining she "found it" and apologized.

  • Melita Latham
    Melita Latham
    5 years ago

    I attended a PR event and it was at The Cuckoo Club. The bar staff were really polite and served me very quickly so there was no waiting for your drinks. The decor was nicely done too. It's rather dark with the neon lights so if you like this type of atmosphere then it's definitely for you!