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The Goodnight Cabaret City of London Christmas Party Venue

Performing to raucous crowds in crumbling vaudevilles and forgotten music halls at the Clandestine Club Christmas party, people talked of outrageous performances, intoxicating music and hedonistic nights the likes of which the city had never seen. Many denied its existence, unable to find it for themselves and only able to rely on the words of those who had claimed to witness one of these spellbinding nights.

As London fell upon hard times, the cabaret disappeared. Some dismissed it as nothing more than an urban legend told as a whimsical reminder of better times, but there were others who knew they were not of this earth. They knew one day they would return, to bring happiness and joy to those with limitless imaginations prepared to believe in and embrace the astonishing sights that went before them.

This December, The Brewery will become the broken down forgotten theatre brought mysteriously back to life, for the Clandestine Club Christmas party, by the spirit of entertainment and the soul of music as the cabaret performs for one last time.
The Brewery, a truly historic, Grade II listed venue in the heart of the City of London. Christmas at The Brewery is entirely different to other party venues, so you can ensure there’ll be no other corporate Christmas event quite like yours, at the Clandestine Club Christmas party.

Each December a new theme takes over the entire venue. We know what makes a great party; an exciting environment; great food, drink and service; stunning entertainment; and a band that keeps everyone dancing in good spirits.

Even in busy London, The Brewery stands out as a venue with style, heritage and inventive quirkiness.