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Experience Miami’s Neon Nights in London this Christmas

Step into a time machine and immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of 1980s Miami with The Electric Flamingo Christmas party at The Brewery this December. The venue transforms into the legendary Electric Flamingo, a glamorous and exclusive night spot reminiscent of Miami’s neon-soaked streets. This unique theme promises a world of extravagance, lush parties, and loud music. The club’s interior features a kaleidoscope of glowing palm trees and neon lights, casting a dreamlike glow over the crowd.

More than just a club, The Electric Flamingo Christmas party at The Brewery is a world of glamour and glitter, ensuring an unforgettable night etched in the annals of your heart’s most flamboyant memories.

Event Details

  • Guest Capacity: 50 – 1600 guests
  • Exclusive Room Hire: Yes
  • Themed Venue Design: Miami neon nights
  • Entertainers on Arrival: Yes
  • Cocktail Reception: 45 min sparkling cocktail reception
  • Unlimited Drinks: 5.5 hrs of house wine, beer, and soft drinks
  • Dining Options: 3-course meal with coffee and petit fours or standing menu
  • Decor: Striking table centre displays with black linen
  • Entertainment: After-dinner DJ
  • Event Guidance: Full event guidance throughout your experience
  • Cloakroom: Complimentary

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Electric Flamingo Christmas Party at The Brewery FAQs

Throughout December, The Brewery hosts over 100 festive parties across 11 distinct spaces, providing an unparalleled experience. For parties with 1,000 guests or more, a full-venue takeover is possible. Our team will guide you in optimising the use of all available spaces, assisting in creating a personalised and unique night for your guests. Bespoke packages include food, drinks, additional entertainment, and activities.

Christmas at The Grubstreet Author

For a more traditional and intimate Christmas party setting, the Grubstreet Author is the perfect choice. Located within The Brewery but with its own private entrance, this charming space accommodates parties from 50 to 120 guests. Unlike The Brewery, the Grubstreet Author is transformed into a magical Winter Wonderland, offering a cosy and enchanting atmosphere for your holiday celebration.

Christmas Party Venue FAQs

What are the most popular dates for a Christmas party?

The most popular dates for Christmas parties are typically the second and third weeks of December. These dates allow employees to celebrate without interfering with holiday plans. Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are the most in-demand days, so it’s advisable to book early.

How much does a Christmas party package cost?

The cost of a Christmas party package can vary widely based on factors such as the date, number of guests, and level of customisation. At The Brewery, our all-inclusive packages for parties of 50-1,600 guests include room hire, themed venue design, arrival entertainment, drinks, and a meal. Contact us directly for specific pricing based on your requirements.

How do I make an office Christmas party in London exciting?

To make your office Christmas party in London exciting, consider unique themes and entertainment options. At The Brewery, our 2024 theme, Electric Flamingo, offers an immersive 1980s Miami vibe. You can also add live bands, interactive games, or surprise performances to keep guests engaged and entertained.

Which locations in London are best for Christmas parties?

London offers a wide range of venues for Christmas parties. Liverpool Street, Canary Wharf, Knightsbridge, and Soho are top destinations for Christmas parties in London. The Brewery is conveniently situated just a 15-minute stroll from Liverpool Street station, making it easily accessible for your guests. Find directions to reach us on our Contact Us page.

Do you offer private and shared Christmas party options?

We exclusively provide private party options. With a private party, you’ll have the entire room exclusively for your guests, ensuring a personalised experience for your event. Check our venues and discover the perfect setting for your special occasion.

Does your Christmas party venue change the theme each year?

Absolutely! Our Christmas party theme changes yearly to keep the experience fresh and exciting. This year, immerse yourself in the Electric Flamingo’s 1980s Miami extravaganza.