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Studio Spaces Christmas Party Venue

London, E1W 2BB

Studio Spaces Warehouse Style Christmas Party Venue

Studio Spaces is an 8000 sqft spectacular venue that combines industrial charm and elegant finishes, making it the perfect Christmas party venue in London. Once a part of London’s thriving industrial scene, this fast-developing area is now home to an amazing warehouse event space with incredible character and versatility.

Studio Spaces is a state-of-the-art venue featuring three unique, modular, blank canvas spaces: the Black Studio, the White Studio, and the Warehouse. Each studio shares access to a central kitchen and lounge area, and they can be hired individually, in pairs, or as a single venue. The venue’s stunning architectural features and high-specification finishes create a beautiful atmosphere, while the 8000 sqft of space ensures maximum flexibility.

Throughout the Christmas season, Studio Spaces often hosts fully themed Christmas parties with catering and entertainment. Get in touch to discover what Studio Spaces has to offer this year for your Christmas party in London!

The White Studio is a sleek space boasting floor-to-ceiling south-facing windows that flood the room with natural daylight. The traditional cobbled street outside offers plenty of character and serves as an alternative entrance to the studio. This 109 sqm space is ideal for receptions, product launches, live performances, presentations, and pop-up dining or retail experiences. It has a 200-person standing capacity, 100 socially distanced standing capacity, 120 seated capacity, and a 40 socially distanced seated capacity.

The contemporary Black Studio is a 202 sqm space that stands out as one of the few all-black, blackout studios in London. It is highly popular for trendy conferences, tech summits, and brand launches. Featuring Funktion-One speakers, an in-house lighting rig, DJ booth, and a polished concrete floor, this atmospheric space can easily transform into a party or dining area. It has a 400-person standing capacity, 200 socially distanced standing capacity, 222 seated capacity, and a 120 socially distanced seated capacity.

The Warehouse Studio is Studio Spaces’ largest area, covering 329 sqm. With exposed brickwork feature walls and central concrete columns, this space never fails to impress. It is a versatile space with drive-in access, making it perfect for large capacity conferences, hackathons, networking events, product launches, and summits. Equipped with a bespoke Funktion-One integrated sound system and a state-of-the-art lighting rig, this space is also ideal for large-scale private parties. It has a 650-person standing capacity, 325 socially distanced standing capacity, 432 seated capacity, and a 200 socially distanced seated capacity.

Choose Studio Spaces as your Christmas party venue in London and create an unforgettable festive event in this extraordinary industrial setting.




Google Reviews

166 reviews
  • Sven (Niniouff68)
    Sven (Niniouff68)
    a week ago

    I was here for the Burna boy event and I don't regret coming here ❤️‍🔥

  • Barbara Janiszewska
    Barbara Janiszewska
    in the last week

    Went to watch a play there. Lovely space, to have a venue, whether it be play, exhibition, concert or party. Must mention the toilets - beautiful.

  • Veronica Martin OBE

    Wonderful first-time experience with the 'expulsion of exulansis’, a heartfelt memory play written and produced by a remarkable 17-year-old drama student.

  • Miracle Moments Wedding photography Buckinghamshire

    Outstanding free modular space to create amazing wedding in heart of London. Lot's of space, fantastic food and very helpful service! Love that place

  • Sofia
    5 years ago

    UPDATE POST RENOVATION Awful. The soundsystem in main room - believe it or not - is actually too loud. Painful to ears. And I was wearing earplugs. In the smaller room, the sound was so bad you couldn't bear details in the music. Appalling. Cloakroom filled up. It was only 1am. Terrible place that I am never going back to. This is posted about the space in the context of it hosting a nightclub event; I can't comment on how the space operates otherwise. Firstly, the cloakroom is a shambles. Absolutely horrific queues to put a coat in (no queues to get into the venue interestingly). Retrieving your coat is even worse. I was extremely lucky to be at the front of the queue after the music stopped in the secondary room, so at least I got my coat eventually, although it was painful. I handed the guy my ticket, but he managed to lose it and I had to describe my coat to him to find it. I could have stolen any coat! Tickets were strewn across the floor, and there was no order to the coats so the people in there had to search through every single coat just to find one. Another issue was the heat in the main room. You could get heat stroke at those temperatures! There was no air conditioning. With hundreds of people dancing, this is unacceptable. Throughly unpleasant. Toilets were too few - huge queues! Aside from that I did have a good night thanks to the wonderful Djs and crowd, but I don't think I will go back.