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Skylight Christmas Party at Tobacco Dock

Set amid the historic charm of the Tobacco Dock, Skylight is poised to offer an unparalleled Christmas celebration. Boasting an ideal location, unique attractions, and top-tier services, Skylight provides an experience that fuses London’s rich history with festive wonder.

Location: Centrally located, the iconic Tobacco Dock is just a 15-minute walk from Canary Wharf and Tower Hill stations, ensuring convenient access for all guests.

Skylight Christmas Party Features

Rooftop Ice Rink: The highlight of Skylight, the rooftop terrace, metamorphoses into the city’s exclusive rooftop ice skating rink in winter. As guests glide on the ice, the mesmerizing views of London’s skyline serve as a backdrop, creating magical memories.
Heated Igloos: Adjacent to the ice rink, the renowned heated igloos can comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests. These transparent sanctuaries offer an uninterrupted view of the skyline while ensuring warmth and comfort.
Apres Ski Lodge: A level below the rooftop, the lodge beckons guests with its enchanting Alpine ambiance, complete with bear skins, skis, pine wall decor, and seasonal poinsettias. The inviting fireplaces are ideal for guests to congregate, sharing stories over mulled wine or a hot toddy.
Dock Street Bar: For those seeking a relaxed vibe, the Dock Street Bar, nestled in the Tobacco Dock’s vaults, exudes the allure of a chic underground speakeasy. Its striking brick barrel ceilings and copper accents can host up to 65 guests, standing.
Services: The dedicated events team at Tobacco Dock has a stellar reputation for delivering outstanding Christmas parties. Their comprehensive offerings include:

Catering: The award-winning in-house team crafts delectable dishes tailored to your preferences.
AV & Branding: On-site services are available to address any technical requirements or branding needs for the event.
Trusted Vendors: Through established partnerships, the team can facilitate arrangements for diverse services, from floral decorations to emergency first aid.

All these elements come together to ensure that a Christmas party at Skylight is not just an event, but an unforgettable experience.




Google Reviews

1,196 reviews
  • Clare Isakson
    Clare Isakson
    a month ago

    Really nice atmosphere and really good loaded fries randomly lol. One thing that's annoying is that we booked a table for £10 and when we got there it was never crowded so we never really needed to book or pay £10 and we wish we knew that or the £10 would be put towards a tab that would be better. I liked the selection of beers here though, will go again.

  • Duane Foster
    Duane Foster
    a week ago

    Nice area, well spaced with enough space to not be too crowded, games and entertainment for free which is good. Went for Mexican bottomless brunch, ordered the veggie option which was grilled cauliflower however they didn't have that and replaced it with boiled soggy broccoli which I don't think is comparable. Another note was bar staff complained about the amount of drinks we were ordering which was odd considering it was a bottomless brunch

  • Piyush Patel
    Piyush Patel
    a month ago

    We got a few drinks and the nachos with unlimited wings. Great time spent here. There is also little huts to hire and great for corporate events from what we could see. You can also play games.

  • Ayman “ZamZamDude” Zaman

    Last time I came here was before Covid and I was ice skating during the cold winter nights. Up there looked like a mini rooftop Bavarian Christmas Village not going to lie. Very unique with igloos and served hard winter drinks. Now fast forward to 2023 I came here for the first time during the summer time just to have a glimpse of the sunset with a refreshing mocktail. Getting inside can be a bit tricky since it’s situated on top for a multi storey car park. There’s lift and staircase access to reach the rooftop. What I liked about skylight tobacco dock is that it offers jaw-dropping vistas and fun-packed experiences make your celebration with an unforgettable moment. So do take a deep breath and step out onto London’s most atmospheric skyline.

  • Gary Sawyer
    Gary Sawyer
    3 months ago

    Some repetition on the bikes but a lot of unique one-offs. Beer and food not too bad, music good.