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Royal Horticultural Halls Christmas Party Venue

London,SW1P 2QW
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    Dinner Dance

Royal Horticultural Halls Christmas Party Venue

Experience the grandeur of the Royal Horticultural Halls, a versatile and stunning Christmas party venue in London. The Hall’s dramatic glass-vaulted ceilings create a spectacular natural backdrop for any event, effortlessly blending its period features with advanced audio-visual systems, VIP access, and press and backstage areas.

Lindley Hall, a magnificent high-ceilinged event space within the London Royal Horticultural Society, offers a captivating setting for your Christmas party. The venue is tastefully adorned to match the chosen theme, featuring ambient lighting and elegant table centers. Guests will be welcomed with a Prosecco reception before entering the main dining area, where they will be entertained by aerial artists performing overhead.

As the gates open to reveal the splendid dining hall, guests will marvel at the exquisite linen, illuminated table centers, and a themed backdrop on the main stage. The Royal Horticultural Halls Christmas Party Venue is the perfect location for hosting events ranging from intimate dinners to large receptions. The dedicated team at the venue will work closely with you to bring your vision to life, creating an unforgettable event tailored to your needs.



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575 reviews
  • CaraMay Collingwood

    Went for the sea creatures tour, which was incredible. Not sure what the hall is used for for everyday life but the cafe was very disappointing, and the lighting in the hall was dreadful- not sure if that is their fault or the exhibits. But easy to get to, a few minutes walk from St James station.

  • Dorky Thorpy
    Dorky Thorpy
    3 months ago

    We enjoy the RHS Garden Magazine, but I am considering cancelling conscription on the basis of the advertising space you sell to companies selling teak furniture. There is no information in the advert that indicates the teak is sustainable. Do you undertake any due diligence in that respect? If so then please label as such.

  • Susannah Ringwood
    Susannah Ringwood
    a month ago

    It is about time i went to London. Those places look lovely. I can not get out of my head going underground nr. St Pauls. to 'Balls sandwich bar'.

  • Samuel Walker
    Samuel Walker
    a year ago

    Came here for a record show - it was mainly rock, jazz and soul. Not much reggae and what there was not rare. Picked up one tune but then strangely the vendor didn’t have any bags. Decent venue though.

  • Lynn Mc caffrey
    Lynn Mc caffrey
    2 months ago

    Biannual wine tasting. This hall is not ideal in summer when the weather is warm especially for the vineyard owners who have to do two sessions