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Rainforest Cafe Christmas Party Venue

London,W1D 7EU


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6,029 reviews
  • Caila Richardson
    Caila Richardson
    a year ago

    Went here for a leaving do with some friends, had a two year old with us. She sat for a bit but the noises scared her. The atmosphere was good, the service was good but the food was a bit pricey for what it was. Saying that, I would go again. I had the ribs which were very tasty but I would have liked more sauce on it. My friend had the steak and she said it was really good.

  • Mary Maguire
    Mary Maguire
    a year ago

    I had been looking forward to taking my daughter here. Andy (bar staff) was great with my daughter and niece. However, the experience of the jungle cave was underwhelming. Food was average. Adrian, our server, was helpful and polite.

  • Charlotte Rahardjo

    The first time we came by the place was fully packed and my daughter had set her heart on eating here. So we tried on a slow evening during the week. Hadn't my daughter loved the whole set up with animals and sounds I would have regretted coming here at all. I thought it was amazing how there were about 7 staff walking about, 4 tables taken in front and 1 birthday party in the back and it still took about 15 minutes of waiting untill someone could seat us. (3 staff members had to ask abother staff member if and where we could sit). The girl who was waiting on us (Sivasankari) was very nice althought I might have startled her after paying the bill by commenting on the bad quality and preperation of the food. The burger was dry it felt like it was pre grilled and then grilled again for fast service. The grilled chicken was more likely cooked first and then grilled the skin was white on most of the parts instead of nice and crisp and the meat mostly dry. The mash and fries were ok. But the broccoli and corn were cooked too soft. The corn had a weird taste and was very dark orange with brown parts, the broccoli had rotten parts. Fortunately the corn and chicken strips my daughter had were fresh and the fruitsalad was filled with my daughters favorite fresh fruits. I liked how the kids get crayons and a coloring placemat right at the start. The kids surprise for £3,- extra is only worth it if your Child is very neat otherwise it's likely to have loose playingcards and stickers everywhere in your house. I must say the prices of the toys in the store were reasonable. Compared to Hamleys or Harrods it was a steal.

  • Josh Sigurdson
    Josh Sigurdson
    2 years ago

    First, I didn't eat here. I only had drinks. But I enjoyed the drinks and the atmosphere. This place is definitely meant for families. Mainly kids. But it's a really interesting concept and environment. There are multiple floors of restaurant. I'd definitely recommend getting a reservation before coming as the lineups are long. It was simply a unique experience. Some of the food reviews here aren't great. So take that into account. But walking down the street I saw this place and it immediately drew me in as it was very strange. If you like really strange concepts and underground restaurants, it's worth checking out!

  • Elizabeth T
    Elizabeth T
    a year ago

    Had an amazing time! I think we had the best seat in the restaurant (animated gorilla next to us and also animated Jaguar right above us) can be quite an experience especially with the thunderstorm so make sure your child(ren) are ready for the rainforest ‘musical noises’. The food was ok ; we liked the lamb shank the best amongst all but it was the atmosphere that livened up the place. Our lunch just came under £100 for the 4 of us. Children had a great time and so did we!

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