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Rainforest Cafe Christmas Party Venue

London,W1D 7EU


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6,037 reviews
  • Supphawich S. (Edy)

    I recently visited this restaurant and explored the first floor. The jungle theme decoration was impressive, and the interior was adorned with a variety of cute toy and stuffed animal dolls for sale, making it a perfect spot for kids. Overall, it's a great place to dine with family and enjoy the ambiance.

  • Caila Richardson
    Caila Richardson
    10 months ago

    Went here for a leaving do with some friends, had a two year old with us. She sat for a bit but the noises scared her. The atmosphere was good, the service was good but the food was a bit pricey for what it was. Saying that, I would go again. I had the ribs which were very tasty but I would have liked more sauce on it. My friend had the steak and she said it was really good.

  • Mary Maguire
    Mary Maguire
    a year ago

    I had been looking forward to taking my daughter here. Andy (bar staff) was great with my daughter and niece. However, the experience of the jungle cave was underwhelming. Food was average. Adrian, our server, was helpful and polite.

  • Victoria Perez
    Victoria Perez
    a year ago

    I had a pulled pork burger and it was very tasty, our waitress was incredibly sweet, service was very quick, and the place was very unique. Something to look at no matter where you were seated, or where you turned your head! And incredibly child friendly.

  • Josh Sigurdson
    Josh Sigurdson
    2 years ago

    First, I didn't eat here. I only had drinks. But I enjoyed the drinks and the atmosphere. This place is definitely meant for families. Mainly kids. But it's a really interesting concept and environment. There are multiple floors of restaurant. I'd definitely recommend getting a reservation before coming as the lineups are long. It was simply a unique experience. Some of the food reviews here aren't great. So take that into account. But walking down the street I saw this place and it immediately drew me in as it was very strange. If you like really strange concepts and underground restaurants, it's worth checking out!