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Rainforest Cafe Christmas Party Venue

London,W1D 7EU


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  • Caila Richardson
    Caila Richardson
    3 months ago

    Went here for a leaving do with some friends, had a two year old with us. She sat for a bit but the noises scared her. The atmosphere was good, the service was good but the food was a bit pricey for what it was. Saying that, I would go again. I had the ribs which were very tasty but I would have liked more sauce on it. My friend had the steak and she said it was really good.

  • H H
    H H
    4 months ago

    The reviews and photos just don’t do this place justice. First off - this isn’t the Ritz. Adjust your expectations! There are gorillas screaming during the meal, it thunders, a parrot does a walk around. This is a restaurant for people with kids, or at least who enjoy novelty. Our waiter was fantastic & our meal was great. The atmosphere is really good and the surroundings felt like you were not in central London. Great fun!

  • Supphawich S. (Edy)
    Supphawich S. (Edy)
    6 months ago

    I recently visited this restaurant and explored the first floor. The jungle theme decoration was impressive, and the interior was adorned with a variety of cute toy and stuffed animal dolls for sale, making it a perfect spot for kids. Overall, it's a great place to dine with family and enjoy the ambiance.

  • Elizabeth T
    Elizabeth T
    5 months ago

    Had an amazing time! I think we had the best seat in the restaurant (animated gorilla next to us and also animated Jaguar right above us) can be quite an experience especially with the thunderstorm so make sure your child(ren) are ready for the rainforest ‘musical noises’. The food was ok ; we liked the lamb shank the best amongst all but it was the atmosphere that livened up the place. Our lunch just came under £100 for the 4 of us. Children had a great time and so did we!

  • ofer meiri
    ofer meiri
    5 months ago

    this place is for children. built like a jungle so it is crowded and noisy. the waitress did not have timd to give good service,took the order and vanished. the food came very fast but after that was difficult to find help if needed somthing. the food is expensive(4 adults+3 children =170pounds). i dont recomend !!