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Oval Space Christmas Party Venue

London,E2 9DT
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Oval Space City of London|East London|North London Christmas Party Venue

Oval Space is a stunning warehouse-style venue that boasts 5,000 square feet of unobstructed event space, perfect for hosting a memorable Christmas party in London. Set against the iconic backdrop of the Bethnal Green Gas Holders, the venue offers an authentic, industrial charm that will captivate your guests. The West and South side terraces frame the venue, providing a summer reception space with an impressive view.

As a fantastic blank canvas, Oval Space is the ideal choice for a diverse array of events, including corporate events, screenings, conferences, catwalk shows, product launches, film and photo shoots, receptions, concerts, and club nights. The versatile space allows you to create a truly unique and tailored atmosphere for your Christmas celebration.

In some years, Oval Space hosts full production Christmas parties complete with theming, catering, and entertainment. Enquire to find out what is available for your Christmas event this year and create a one-of-a-kind festive celebration at this remarkable venue. Choose Oval Space for your Christmas party venue and let your guests enjoy an extraordinary experience in the heart of London.


Google Reviews

1,130 reviews
  • Jean’s Segui Vlog
    Jean’s Segui Vlog
    9 months ago

    Oval space is a large ware house for renting venue hire for party, exciting program of music located at Cambridge Heath in Benthal Green this also popular for night market, clubbing and pubbing

  • Naomi Peter
    Naomi Peter
    5 years ago

    Great space for live music and large events... I've done both in this space. The sound for live music is decent and for a secret Sundaz club night, also good. Large outdoor spaces also to enjoy in the summer and warm evenings, decent space for smokers. Toilets are okay, but could be better and have more cubicals given the capacity of the building. It's a space I would go to again. Great night out with friends indeed. It's a private hire space so you get all sorts of events here. Check out the calander to find something you'll like.

  • Cleveland Glenn, Jr.

    Versatile and very cool venue. I've been here a few times for gigs and a club night and always had an amazing time. The layout seamlessly blends a club warehouse with cozy outdoor social areas and the place has good facilities and a nice drinks menu.

  • Sha・Ne・Ru
    2 years ago

    WatchMyWheels roller skate event at The Oval 🏾 Brilliant! The floor inside is perfect for a skate event. And having the bar outside kept it clean and safe. Hope we get to do it again.

  • Ruxandra Vitale
    Ruxandra Vitale
    4 years ago

    Brilliant space, well designed, great choice of food stalls with amazing smells. Not enough shopping stalls for vintage staff or clothing, or any other type of shopping, but nonetheless it was a great evening there with live music, tasty food and a couple of lovely drinks stalls too. Very impressed with the ideas put forward for this space.