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Oval Space Christmas Party Venue

London,E2 9DT
  • 350

Oval Space City of London|East London|North London Christmas Party Venue

Oval Space is a stunning warehouse-style venue that boasts 5,000 square feet of unobstructed event space, perfect for hosting a memorable Christmas party in London. Set against the iconic backdrop of the Bethnal Green Gas Holders, the venue offers an authentic, industrial charm that will captivate your guests. The West and South side terraces frame the venue, providing a summer reception space with an impressive view.

As a fantastic blank canvas, Oval Space is the ideal choice for a diverse array of events, including corporate events, screenings, conferences, catwalk shows, product launches, film and photo shoots, receptions, concerts, and club nights. The versatile space allows you to create a truly unique and tailored atmosphere for your Christmas celebration.

In some years, Oval Space hosts full production Christmas parties complete with theming, catering, and entertainment. Enquire to find out what is available for your Christmas event this year and create a one-of-a-kind festive celebration at this remarkable venue. Choose Oval Space for your Christmas party venue and let your guests enjoy an extraordinary experience in the heart of London.



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  • Jean’s Segui Vlog

    Oval space is a large ware house for renting venue hire for party, exciting program of music located at Cambridge Heath in Benthal Green this also popular for night market, clubbing and pubbing

  • Sha・Ne・Ru
    2 years ago

    WatchMyWheels roller skate event at The Oval 🏾 Brilliant! The floor inside is perfect for a skate event. And having the bar outside kept it clean and safe. Hope we get to do it again.

  • Tanios Hokayem
    Tanios Hokayem
    4 years ago

    Went there during the oval night market. It was a small market with cool vibes.

  • Joe Wells
    Joe Wells
    3 years ago

    Worst venue experience of my life - avoid at all costs. Firstly when waiting outside for my friend (whom I had a ticket for) to arrive, I was approached by security staff and told that I would need to enter the venue the immediately or I would not be allowed entry later. When trying to explain that I was waiting for my friend I was shouted at and ignored. Fortunately before I got to the front of the queue my friend had arrived and I was able to give them their ticket. After being forced to enter the venue 3 hours before the headline act, we were greeted with a £6 cost for a 330ml can of "multipack - not for resale" Estrella. Even the tap water was out of an old stagnant plastic container. There was even a hole at the top of the container which would have allowed someone to drop anything in there. (See attached picture) After discovering the insane price for a small can of beer and only unsafe drinking water, we attempted to leave the venue to get some refreshment elsewhere before returning to see the headline act. As we attempted to leave, the security staff ignored us and ridiculed us before simply pointing at a very faded and almost invisible "no re entry" sign (see attached image). This was clearly hidden to prevent us noticing during the rush to get everyone inside earlier. We were then told that this was in the venue terms and conditions, which after checking it is not. After questioning this we were then told "you can leave now and don't come back" unless we purchased new tickets at £20+ each. Despite this we managed to suck it up and stayed for the duration of the event, however there was absolutely no ventilation causing inhumane temperatures and condensation was dripping from the ceiling. Even the band on stage complained about the temperature and state of the venue. Absolutely disgusting attitude from the security staff with no consideration for paying customers. Will never be returning to this venue, hope management can address these issues before someone is seriously hurt or the place shuts down due to alienation of paying customers.

  • Lewis Roberts
    Lewis Roberts
    4 years ago

    We attended brickbar London, it was amazing. Great use of the oval space which we have never visited before.