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NQ64 Soho Christmas Party Venue: Retro Vibes in London’s Heart

From the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter to the pulsing beat of London’s Soho, NQ64 has journeyed far. Beginning modestly in a Manchester basement, this retro arcade bar’s reputation skyrocketed, birthing seven other venues across the UK since 2019. Now, NQ64 Soho stands as the epitome of vintage gaming bars.

A Drink with a Side of Nostalgia
As THE arcade bar destination, NQ64 brings more than just games to the table. Behold a bar teeming with craft beers, local specialities, fine wines, and spirits. But what truly sets it apart? Cocktails inspired by timeless arcades and consoles. Dive into the tropical tastes of the Aku Aku Fruit Punch, a Crash Bandicoot inspiration mixed with peach, banana, apple, and a hint of Refresher bar syrup. Prefer something robust? The Dr Ro Bev Nik promises a sultry blend of Jack Daniels, cherry, and Dr Pepper Syrup served on the rocks.

Games Galore!
Arcade aficionados, rejoice! The venue is a treasure trove of classics: Time Crisis, Guitar Hero, Dancing Stage, Pacman, Street Fighter, and more. And for console lovers? MegaDrive, original PlayStations, and Super Nintendo await your prowess.

Neon Nights & Vintage Delights
NQ64 Soho Christmas party venue is a visual feast. Neon-splattered graffiti adorns the walls, creating a setting that’s both dark and alluring. It’s not just about the games; it’s about capturing that perfect Insta moment mid-game, flaunting your victory glow.

Party until the wee hours! We’re open until 3am every night, except for Sundays (till midnight). Whether you’re a cosy group or a larger ensemble, we’ve got you covered. Book a booth, secure a semi-private space, or go all out with a private hire. Join us this festive season at the NQ64 Soho Christmas Party Venue. Retro never felt so right.




Google Reviews

954 reviews
  • Amy Skinner
    Amy Skinner
    3 months ago

    We had our Christmas team function here and it was a blast! Suzanna and team took care of us so well, offering us extra drinks as compensation when our food was slightly late. They also kept checking in to see whether we were okay. Brilliant service! The atmosphere is one of the best I’ve seen in London and the games were super fun. Only downside was the bar is very slow because they’re making fancy cocktails from scratch. Maybe have dedicated bar members do the cocktails while the rest are free to serve the normal drinks?

  • Saskia Hamaekers
    Saskia Hamaekers
    2 months ago

    For someone who loves Neon this was amazing!!!! Just sad they did not have all the cocktails on the menu even tho they didnt had that many. Games were cool! Only you guys need to fix the guitar hero. First time it wasnt synchronized so that made it sad and the second time we went we couldnt play it with 2 players. Maby put some instruction with the machines that you van play with 2. Probably going to this bar again next year!

  • John Norris
    John Norris
    3 weeks ago

    The buttons don’t work, but still good vibes. I’d say this is a bar first and foremost - if you want an arcade, go to Heart Of Gaming in Croydon. SNES player one start button didn’t work. Tekken didn’t register left (block!) on the stick, so no guarding for player one. The Simpsons machine took tokens without registering credit; quite a few other machines didn’t register credit either. In fact, about 25% of tokens were not registered by the cabinets. Bar staff were super-nice. A fun place, I’m glad it exists. Obviously the machines take some wear and tear in a bar environment, but I wish the machines were in better working order. Maybe an army of little brothers came in before us and were very heavy handed? Cocktails were very cute. Neon decor fits the place well. Bar staff were rad.

  • Junianny Dos Santos
    Junianny Dos Santos
    4 months ago

    Walked by while I was in London & the atmosphere looked so fun, so we decided to go inside. We met some great people and the service was amazing. Some machines weren’t working and we lost some tokens and the staff were very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend.

  • Ameer Elsheikh
    Ameer Elsheikh
    5 months ago

    Been to the Manchester branch originally but had to check out the London one after it had opened. £9 for 15 tokens but they do last a while. On peak nights you do have to wait a while before getting to play the games you want but I’ve also been during the day in the week and you’re free to play anything you want without waiting. Always a cool spot to show friends in Soho.