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NQ64 Soho Christmas Party Venue: Retro Vibes in London’s Heart

From the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter to the pulsing beat of London’s Soho, NQ64 has journeyed far. Beginning modestly in a Manchester basement, this retro arcade bar’s reputation skyrocketed, birthing seven other venues across the UK since 2019. Now, NQ64 Soho stands as the epitome of vintage gaming bars.

A Drink with a Side of Nostalgia
As THE arcade bar destination, NQ64 brings more than just games to the table. Behold a bar teeming with craft beers, local specialities, fine wines, and spirits. But what truly sets it apart? Cocktails inspired by timeless arcades and consoles. Dive into the tropical tastes of the Aku Aku Fruit Punch, a Crash Bandicoot inspiration mixed with peach, banana, apple, and a hint of Refresher bar syrup. Prefer something robust? The Dr Ro Bev Nik promises a sultry blend of Jack Daniels, cherry, and Dr Pepper Syrup served on the rocks.

Games Galore!
Arcade aficionados, rejoice! The venue is a treasure trove of classics: Time Crisis, Guitar Hero, Dancing Stage, Pacman, Street Fighter, and more. And for console lovers? MegaDrive, original PlayStations, and Super Nintendo await your prowess.

Neon Nights & Vintage Delights
NQ64 Soho Christmas party venue is a visual feast. Neon-splattered graffiti adorns the walls, creating a setting that’s both dark and alluring. It’s not just about the games; it’s about capturing that perfect Insta moment mid-game, flaunting your victory glow.

Party until the wee hours! We’re open until 3am every night, except for Sundays (till midnight). Whether you’re a cosy group or a larger ensemble, we’ve got you covered. Book a booth, secure a semi-private space, or go all out with a private hire. Join us this festive season at the NQ64 Soho Christmas Party Venue. Retro never felt so right.




Google Reviews

735 reviews
  • Mayun Shrestha
    Mayun Shrestha
    3 months ago

    Really cool place! The neon colours are really nice, the atmosphere was buzzing with a great DJ. You're surrounded by fellow gaming fans - even for beginners there's an arcade or game for everyone. If you don't fancy the arcades, there's some free to play retro consoles like the GameCube or N64. Nice cocktails too, didn't need to wait too long on a Saturday night! Note that if you're in a group of more than 8, the booths might be a right squeeze! A place to have fun!

  • Ellie B
    Ellie B
    5 months ago

    This place is immense, the games are amazing!!! Was there for hours and not all the game require tokens so you don’t have to fork out 100s just to play like other places. The guys at the bar were so nice and the drinks were so cool. Recommend the drinks! 10/10 worth going to if you’re visiting the city or local!!!

  • Iris Lam
    Iris Lam
    5 months ago

    This place is super fun. Loads of arcade games like Time Crisis, dance machines, guitar heroes mario kart and many more. Best of all the consoles are free! The cocktails are £10-11 but well worth it because they are super strong, lots of different flavours. It gets hot in there so dress coolly. The toilets are a bit dark.

  • André Mosqueira Santos

    Feels so good to be able to play 90s and early 2000s arcades games again. Great spot, great environment, and a good choice of beer and cocktails. Prices are good and nothing that expensive. It is an excellent place to spend a few hours with your friends.

  • Kamara Barnett
    Kamara Barnett
    3 months ago

    Great venue and bar the music was great not many places these days can hold a vibe like this with a gaming atmosphere so it was very much welcomed. The cocktails were really nice and it was a nice touch naming them after gaming characters etc. I didn't try the food but I would go back and see what else it has to offer it was a very fun night!