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National Gallery Christmas Party Venue

London,WC2N 5DN
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National Gallery Central London Christmas Party Venue

Host the best Christmas party in our world-famous landmark that overlooks the iconic Trafalgar Square Christmas tree; a truly festive setting in Central London. Whether it’s 20 or 200 guests, we’re a perfect festive venue for drinks, dinner and dancing the night away until 2am. For a limited time, we are offering the additional benefit of including uplighters and a PA system within your venue hire.



Google Reviews

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  • Ray Hf
    Ray Hf
    a month ago

    What a beautiful place! A lot of historical and interesting paintings there. Lovely architecture too, both for its exterior and interior. The queue was quite long because it is so popular, in the morning I had to wait in the line for approximately 10 minutes before we can get in to the gallery. It is free as well. Easily one of the most place to go in London.

  • Kelly Cambridgeport
    Kelly Cambridgeport
    in the last week

    The National Gallery in London is huge, has extraordinary priceless paintings, ample seating, lovely architecture and admission is free to everyone. Of course, it merits 5 stars. Bathrooms close around 20 minutes to closing, so time wisely. I had taken a bus to Leicester Square, but it is easier to go to Trafalgar Square to locate the museum.

  • Joe Sidonio
    Joe Sidonio
    a week ago

    What's not to like? A superb collection of some of the finest paintings in the world. I used to wander to the gallery when I was younger and ga\e in awe at the incredible skill and artistry of the painters. I hadn't been back for so many years that I had forgotten just how great this gallery is. I cannot recommend it enough.

  • Scott Darby
    Scott Darby
    a week ago

    The art collection at The National Gallery is tremendous. We enjoyed the works of Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, and many other brilliant artists. There was a short wait outside, as we didn't make advanced reservations. If you plan your visit, you can save time with a free reservation. Some of the most famous paintings will be quite crowded, so you will need to be prepared to take a quick picture as the queue moves.

  • Granally S
    Granally S
    in the last week

    Gorgeously- presented plethora of famous works. The architecture alone is worth going! Entrance is free but on weekends in the summer you might want to make a reservation. Handicap-accessible.