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Museum of London Docklands Christmas Party Venue

London,E14 4AL
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Museum of London Docklands Christmas Party Venue

For a truly unique and memorable Christmas party in London, consider the Museum of London Docklands. Located in Canary Wharf, this Grade I listed warehouse offers a stunning backdrop of the River Thames and a glimpse into London’s historic past.

Choose the Riverside Room for your event, featuring its own entrance and private terrace, and enjoy one hour’s access to the incredible second-floor galleries. Alternatively, opt for the Wilberforce Room, which includes one hour’s access to the No. 1 Warehouse Gallery, providing your guests with an exclusive insight into London’s historic docks and warehouses during their heyday.

Both the Riverside Room and Wilberforce Room can accommodate up to 240 guests for dinner, making them perfect for a festive celebration. For larger events, the museum offers capacity for 1,500 guests across the entire ground floor of the building for drinks receptions, ensuring an exclusive party experience like no other.

Select the Museum of London Docklands Christmas party venue for a truly unforgettable festive event, steeped in history and set against the beautiful backdrop of the River Thames.




Google Reviews

5,871 reviews
  • Connie
    6 months ago

    An excellent and really eye-opening experience into the development of Isle of Dogs / Canary Wharf and London Docklands area. A thoroughly interesting and impressive Museum across 3 floors with interactive elements and really knowledgeable staff. We joined one of the talks on the afternoon we visited, and Andrew the guide, who spoke for 15-20 about the South Sea Whaling Trade in London was superb, really clearly spoken and very engaging to listen too. High recommend trying to catch one of the short talks. Great accessibility measures around the museum - lifts, braille signs, and fold-out portable chairs that were greatly appreciated. The museum is brilliantly curated and flowed really nicely from one subject to the other. Highly recommend, and as already mentioned, a really impressive, interesting and eye-opening experience into London Docklands’ history.

  • Philip Adrian
    Philip Adrian
    4 months ago

    This museum is a piece of art. Inside you fell like you are on a real dock, low light sound of water under your feet, sound of rats. You gotta start the tour from the 3rd floor and going down. On the first 3rd and 2th floor is more with figurines, boat pieces how they work and so in but gradually change from that to only visual information and text. The entry is free, but I recommend you to buy their map for 1£ and pay a small donation of 5£, it's a small price for a really nice experience.

  • Laura Mitchell
    Laura Mitchell
    2 months ago

    Visited MoLD for the first time today, mostly because their Mudlarks Gallery had been recommended to me. My toddling 14 mo really enjoyed it, and we found various other sections of the museum for him to play in too, including a tube map with a brio set. Staff were really friendly, the cafe has a decent amount of seating, and they have 2 baby change rooms on the ground floor. The museum itself is over 3 floors, with a pair of lifts to take you up and down. They do have a buggy park on the ground floor for you to leave your buggy, if you'd prefer. Since my boy is toddling, if I'd known, I'd probably have left the buggy at home and brought him in a carrier, since you have to walk back to the lift to change floors, and he spent the entire time playing out of the buggy! Would definitely say it's worth a visit, and I'll probably be back with my husband so I can actually read some of the exhibits

  • Jnib
    5 months ago

    The museum creates the atmosphere of a warehouse as a busy workplace and focus for associated businesses and lives. It is a good place to visit on a wet or cold, windy day and has quite a few displays and activities that will entertain and engage younger children. The lighting is quite dim as it would have been in a working warehouse. There is plenty to look at either for a skim, to get an idea of life in and the workings of the dock lands, or for a slower tour, taking in the details and imagining the lives of those that worked here. The museum displays artifacts against backgrounds that show their context, from a street scene showing shops where imported goods were sold to workshops for the craftsmen that supported the needs of the warehouses and docks. Whether you like social history, industrial engineering, the workings of commerce, trade and shipping or the activities of the customs and excise men, this museum has a lot to offer. The subject is very broad and this museum does a great job in bringing the history to life. Definitely worth a visit and depending on your group and level of interest allow between one and several hours to take it all in. There is a cafe on the ground floor and a gift shop that sells some interesting and quirky items - a photo of policemen jumping into a dock was one of my favourites.

  • wobbly woz
    wobbly woz
    a week ago

    Attended a work event having never heard of the museum but what an incredible building. I didn't get much of a chance to look around but there are really interesting looking areas to explore around the local history. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and the immediate area has loads of great little places to visit for some food and drink options although there was a cafe onsite. I'll definitely be back to explore the historic building and displays, great that it's free although I'll be happy to donate. Photo is from West India Quay DLR towards the museum, a great travel option to avoid the tube crowds