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Museum of London Docklands Christmas Party Venue

London,E14 4AL
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Museum of London Docklands Christmas Party Venue

For a truly unique and memorable Christmas party in London, consider the Museum of London Docklands. Located in Canary Wharf, this Grade I listed warehouse offers a stunning backdrop of the River Thames and a glimpse into London’s historic past.

Choose the Riverside Room for your event, featuring its own entrance and private terrace, and enjoy one hour’s access to the incredible second-floor galleries. Alternatively, opt for the Wilberforce Room, which includes one hour’s access to the No. 1 Warehouse Gallery, providing your guests with an exclusive insight into London’s historic docks and warehouses during their heyday.

Both the Riverside Room and Wilberforce Room can accommodate up to 240 guests for dinner, making them perfect for a festive celebration. For larger events, the museum offers capacity for 1,500 guests across the entire ground floor of the building for drinks receptions, ensuring an exclusive party experience like no other.

Select the Museum of London Docklands Christmas party venue for a truly unforgettable festive event, steeped in history and set against the beautiful backdrop of the River Thames.




Google Reviews

6,183 reviews
  • John Carr (Corinne and John)

    Excellent museum in a 200 year old warehouse about ten minutes walk from Canary Wharf Underground Station. The museum explores the long history of London as a port through stories of trade, migration and commerce. Among other things, the museum's exhibits cover: how the warehouses operated; the slave and sugar trade; merchants, sailors and pirates; the Docklands during the second world war; and the ups and downs of the docks culminating in their closure and their redevelopment. The museum has a good cafe and caters for all ages with an interactive space for children up to 8. Very friendly and helpful staff. Well worth a visit.

  • Derek Lee
    Derek Lee
    a month ago

    Amazing museum, especially for being free entry! Three very large floors of exhibits about the Docklands with tons of artifacts, multimedia storytelling, and in-depth context on everything. I could have easily spent a whole day here, so I limited myself to “only” two hours.

  • paul chappell
    paul chappell
    in the last week

    Lifts to all floors, everything starts at top level and works down which I think is brilliant. Not too expensive food wise, due to the age of the building toilets on upper level were out of service but got a few on ground level. A good level for kids to make a bridge, lay bricks and masses of history some terrible (slavery) some outstanding. Well worth the visit.

  • MG Londoner
    MG Londoner
    a month ago

    I've just visited this museum today and it went ABOVE AND BEYOND any of my expectations! The history trail starts on floor 3 and as you read, watch, and explore, you make your way down to the ground floor. The explanations about the history of the London docklands are excellent, my compliments to the curators of this incredible museum. It touches on everything about London's naval history, from the discovery of the Indies to the slave trade of the British Empire, all the way to World War II. Well worth a read in order to understand the history and learn from it. The museum is also full of fun facts and infographics for kids so that it's not just a boring museum (I spotted loads of cheeky toy mice around the exhibits) and there are activities and pamphlets that make it interactive. I also loved the reconstruction of a market near the docklands, it's so immersive and beautiful, it feels like a jump back in time. There's a coffee shop on the ground level for any snacking you need, as it takes at least 2 hours to go through (if you want to read). The building is a beautiful warehouse and even the history of that is explained in the beginning. It's free so that's a +1 in my book, and I didn't need to book at all, you can just walk in and look around.

  • Zulma Tedesco
    Zulma Tedesco
    3 months ago

    Loved it! It was worth the train ride to East London. Small, yet packed with great detailed exhibits and history. Great for the kids too if you happen to visit on the weekends, they normally have an event they can participate in.