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Christmas Party Venues Bars, Exclusive, Standing Guide budget from £8,000

Maggie’s Christmas Party Venue

London,SW10 9QL
  • 180

Maggie’s Christmas Party Venue With An 80’s Theme

An 80s inspired celebration of everything that was good about the decade style forgot.

Take a trip down memory lane to the 1980s at Maggie’s Club, a retro disco-themed nightclub situated in the heart of Chelsea’s Fulham Road. This unique venue serves as a time capsule celebrating the iconic era known for its smash hits, eccentric drinks, and bold fashion sense.

Maggie’s Club features Rubik’s Cube tables, a giant 80s fish tank, and The A-Team throwing it back to everyone’s favourite decade every week. Choose your 80s cocktail from a light-up drinks menu, offering a range of options from pina coladas to quirky vessels shaped like Maggie’s head!

With its quirky decor, UV lights, and spacious dancefloor, Maggie’s Club transports you back to the 1980s, a decade renowned for its unforgettable parties. This venue is perfect for various occasions, accommodating up to 180 guests for events such as birthdays, kids parties, photo shoots, and dance classes. Hire the entire venue and create a memorable experience for your guests at your very own retro-themed Christmas party in London.




Google Reviews

421 reviews
  • Voyager en Style
    Voyager en Style
    a month ago

    We waited in line for a very long time and there was no one in the club. Than they took our passports and took them into the club and gave them back after 10 minutes! This is ridiculous. The entrance is very expensive but the club itself is nice

  • Euan Webster
    Euan Webster
    3 months ago

    Tiny place, and pretty crammed in. Drinks were ridiculous prices. Decor looked great on website but really not so great inside. Music was excellent, but was detracted from by jostling for position with others for room to even stand. Quite a few pretentious ends of bells who decided that they obviously deserved more space than others. Adding this as a friend reminded me: We were on the guest list, but queued for a long time. When we got to the front, they wanted us to pay for a VIP table at £600!! We didn't, and eventually got in, after them letting loads of other people in who did fall for the "pay us loads of money and we'll prioiritise you" trick. Also told us that they can't let you in without ID, which they scan and take photos of. Seems really dodgy, but maybe it's a council policy (never heard of this in other local clubs!). Bar staff rude. Faces like slapped ar*es. Watch out for over-charging. We were charged different amounts for the same drinks from different bar staff. Call them out on it if you do decide to go to this terrible place. Not convinced they are following fire regulations with the amount of people they cram in. If there was an emergency, you'd be trampled to death. Overall, utterly disappointing, ridiculously expensive, and 100% not worth the hassle of queuing and being ripped off.

  • Sam Vincent
    Sam Vincent
    5 months ago

    Expect to get insulted at the doors for either being too young or under dressed (happened to the 3 groups infront of us and ourselves). We were told we were under dressed (reasonable, we were not wearing suits) but they’d make an exception (however we should expect to get kicked out at any point). Once you have been ripped off of 25 quid for entry, you go downstairs where EVERYONE is under dressed, the floor is mucky, it’s jam packed with 18 year olds (or people who act 18) and a basic alc+mixer is 18£. I’ve lived here for a while and this has been one of the most disappointing nights (it does not live up to the hype). The pictures on google set false expectations. The music is good, but you can’t really dance because so many people get crammed in there. Avoid wasting your money here there are better places.

  • Asma Hamdi
    Asma Hamdi
    3 months ago

    Extremely unprofessional, rude and racist. I called the place beforehand and asked about opening hours and whether tickets needed to be purchased, I was told it was not necessary as long as we arrive between 10 pm and 11 pm. We arrived 10:30 pm, left standing outside for some time and then we were told it's only for members. That was incorrect as it wasn't mentioned on their website and staff assured me on the phone that the place is open as normal. We were a group of Muslim and Eastern European girls and from the staff's discriminatory attitude, it was obvious that was the reason they didn't want to let us in. It's very disappointing to experience such hurtful encounter in this day and age.

  • Izabela Kozłowska
    Izabela Kozłowska
    6 months ago

    The music and atmosphere are out of this world. The place has consistently good music throughout the whole night. Staff is very friendly and helpful. The only downside is the pretty high price of alcohol, especially for stronger drinks.