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Christmas Party Venues Bars, Exclusive, Standing Guide budget from £8,000

Maggie’s Christmas Party Venue

London,SW10 9QL
  • 180

Maggie’s Christmas Party Venue With An 80’s Theme

An 80s inspired celebration of everything that was good about the decade style forgot.

Take a trip down memory lane to the 1980s at Maggie’s Club, a retro disco-themed nightclub situated in the heart of Chelsea’s Fulham Road. This unique venue serves as a time capsule celebrating the iconic era known for its smash hits, eccentric drinks, and bold fashion sense.

Maggie’s Club features Rubik’s Cube tables, a giant 80s fish tank, and The A-Team throwing it back to everyone’s favourite decade every week. Choose your 80s cocktail from a light-up drinks menu, offering a range of options from pina coladas to quirky vessels shaped like Maggie’s head!

With its quirky decor, UV lights, and spacious dancefloor, Maggie’s Club transports you back to the 1980s, a decade renowned for its unforgettable parties. This venue is perfect for various occasions, accommodating up to 180 guests for events such as birthdays, kids parties, photo shoots, and dance classes. Hire the entire venue and create a memorable experience for your guests at your very own retro-themed Christmas party in London.




Google Reviews

408 reviews
  • Guillaume Maurice
    Guillaume Maurice
    2 months ago

    I had a wonderful time at Maggie’s. They do a great job of portraying the 80s vibe with their music as well as their funky and chic decor. It’s a lovely atmosphere and the staff are very sweet. Nilton did an amazing job of looking after us and Ody made us wonderful drinks. Savanna was a sweetheart and she came to check up on us throughout the night. I would highly recommend this club for anyone looking for fun spots in London!

  • Class Corner
    Class Corner
    2 months ago

    Had a brilliant time here over the weekend. There’s a really lovely new door host, she’s polite and friendly said she used to work downstairs as a waitress until a few months ago! Ultra cool, and had a bit of a laugh with us while waiting to get in.. inside was great, music was absolutely brilliant this week. Would recommend, would return. Thank you Maggies club!

  • Izabela Kozłowska
    Izabela Kozłowska
    2 months ago

    The music and atmosphere are out of this world. The place has consistently good music throughout the whole night. Staff is very friendly and helpful. The only downside is the pretty high price of alcohol, especially for stronger drinks.

  • Sergei Kosharson
    Sergei Kosharson
    6 months ago

    Very nice and busy club! Lovely music 80-90! Very safe! Highly recommended!

  • Maximillian W
    Maximillian W
    2 months ago

    Maggie’s has a very fun, lively 80’s vibe. The neon lights, the throwback music, and (of course) the drinks. There’s detail in every element of the club’s decor, and beyond. Furthermore, the staff is lovely. We had a great experience, being served by Nilton and Ody. A must-try experience for anyone visiting, or living in, London.