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LSO St Luke’s Christmas Party Venue

London,EC1V 9NG

LSO St Luke’s Christmas Party City of London Christmas Party Venue

Nestling on the edges of the city and shoreditch is one of london’s finest event spaces for christmas parties. Home to the world-famous london symphony orchestra, lso st luke’s is a stunning building in which 18th century architecture meets sensitive contemporary restoration.

Celebrate Christmas at the historic LSO St Luke’s, located near Old Street, between the City and Shoreditch. This exceptional venue, home to the world-famous London Symphony Orchestra, is perfect for exclusive Christmas parties.

The impressive main hall can accommodate up to 220 guests for a seated dinner or 400 guests for a standing reception. The historical venue offers modern amenities and period features, providing a unique and memorable setting for your Christmas celebration.

After dinner or reception, the hall transforms into a dance floor, complete with a DJ and an impressive lights and AV set up. The stunning LSO St Luke’s offers an ideal backdrop for an unforgettable Christmas party experience in the heart of London.




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  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo
    a month ago

    LSO St Luke's is set back from the main road on Old Street, in the Borough of Islington. It is the home of The London Symphony Orchestra, one of the best orchestras in the world (they played the music for original Star Wars films as an example!) It was a former church which has been modernised inside and replaced with incredible acoustics that make for beautiful concerts. Having played here a couple of times, the acoustics are amazing and the interiors are modern and historical intertwined perfectly.

  • Jayden How
    Jayden How
    6 months ago

    A church that has been converted into a concert hall. Comfortable seats all on one level and there is a balcony for upstairs viewing. There is also a cafe/ bar in the crypt. The church is double grazed and the acoustics are good. Venue is 5 /10 minutes walk from old street tube on the northern line. My visit was to see Esther Abrami the violinist who did not disappoint and played to a bumper crowd 👏👏👏

  • david johnston
    david johnston
    4 years ago

    Lovely venue, seating is comfortable and there are good amenities. Looks like they can put on some impressive looking events as well from the literature. Could do with a wider variety of beers in my opinion!

  • Simrian Kaur
    Simrian Kaur
    9 months ago

    Went to performance of Handa's suprise and it was fantastic, the story telling was beautiful, it was a welcoming introduction to any child to a range of wonderful classical instruments... From the bassoon, trumpet and a variety of percussion would receive any family to attend.

  • Chris Burgess
    Chris Burgess
    a year ago

    We saw a BBC 3 event there and it was a spectacular location. The building itself is huge and the acoustics are perfect for the kind of music that was playing that day.