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London Dungeon Christmas Party Venue

London ,SE1 7PB

London Dungeon Christmas Party Central London Christmas Party Venue

The London Dungeon might not be the first place you think of for a Christmas party, but it is so much fun! Starting off, you’ll be welcomed into our Gin Palace to enjoy a delicious gin cocktail with our social media photographer who will be capturing your best ghastly poses! With our cast of talented actors taking you on an immersive theatre tour of 40 minutes through London’s darkest history, you’ll meet infamous characters such as Jack the Ripper, Mrs Lovett in her Pie shop and Sweeny Todd for a cheeky haircut!

Afterwards you’ll be welcomed into our 18th century themed pub, The Tavern, for some traditional pub grub, cheerful drinks and our resident DJ playing the ultimate party tunes! Event details do vary slightly from year to year, so get in touch with our team now for the most up to date event information!




Google Reviews

17,810 reviews
  • Jim Frye
    Jim Frye
    3 weeks ago

    The absolute highlight of our trip. What a fun experience!!! Even my teenagers thought the history lesson was cool. Actors were really into it. Highly recommend!!! No phones allowed inside.

  • Zac Commons
    Zac Commons
    2 months ago

    The London dungeon is an AMAZING interactive experience!! They take you through so much of London's gritty history in a truly fantastic face to face experience, my partner and I truly loved the entire experience and are brimming with happiness from this experience If you're in London, I truly recommend giving this a try, you can even get deals to see some other attractions such as the London eye and sea life!

  • Paige Colwell
    Paige Colwell
    4 months ago

    I really enjoyed the dungeons. The actors were definitely the best part. The brother at the beginning cracking jokes, the man in the torture chamber and miss Lovett from the sweener Todd section. I would not recommend bring kids here unless they can handle the horror as some parts even I got really scared at. Unfortunately the boat ride wasn't available and it seems to have been thatcway for a few years now. The ride at the end was really fun aswell

  • Akhilesh Dinesan
    Akhilesh Dinesan
    3 months ago

    The London Dungeon offers an immersive and entertaining journey through the darker side of London's history. Purchasing tickets through Unidays was a great deal, making the experience even more enticing. While it may not be the scariest attraction out there, it certainly delivers on the promise of a fun and dramatic experience. From the moment you step inside, you're transported back in time to witness the chilling tales and infamous characters that have shaped London's past. While some may find the experience a bit more thrilling than others, it's important to note that the focus here is more on entertainment than genuine fright. Expect plenty of theatrics, special effects, and interactive elements that keep the experience engaging from start to finish. It's the perfect outing to enjoy with friends, as you laugh, gasp, and maybe even scream together along the way. While The London Dungeon may not leave you trembling in fear, it certainly delivers on its promise of providing a fun and memorable experience. Whether you're a history buff or simply looking for a unique way to spend an afternoon, The London Dungeon is sure to entertain and delight.

  • Rupashree Chakraborty

    We enjoyed fully at London Dungeon it was scary but most like a theater actors were all great. You can't take videos or photos once inside the room theatre. I too was chosen for some characters it was funny but scary too I enjoyed. There are some rides inside a dark tunnel with all screams . The staff there were very friendly. It took 2 hours but fully entertained. The ladies' room inside the London Dungeon is a must-visit 👍. In all, I will recommend the London dungeon as a must-visit and a great place for excitement.