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KOKO Christmas Party Venue

London,NW1 7JE
  • 1000
  • 220
  • 220
    Dinner Dance

KOKO Central London Christmas Party Venue

KOKO London is a versatile, state-of-the-art Christmas party venue with a rich history and an impressive roster of past performers. Starting as a theatre in 1900, it has since been a cinema, a BBC Theatre, and is now a renowned live music venue. With a capacity of 1,410 for a standing party, 1,200 for a standing party with catering, 200 for a seated dinner, and 300 for a theatre-style event, KOKO London can accommodate a wide range of festive celebrations.

Boasting a production office, five dressing rooms, a green room, a large stage, advanced lighting and sound facilities, DJ decks, and large projection screens, KOKO London ensures a seamless experience for any Christmas party in London. The venue is spread over four floors and features five bars and an outside smoking terrace, providing ample space for guests to mingle and enjoy the festivities.

Throughout the years, KOKO London has hosted great artists such as Charlie Chaplin, The Goons, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Prince, Coldplay, and many more, adding an air of historic glamour to your Christmas event. Choose KOKO London as your Christmas party venue for an unforgettable and unique festive celebration in the heart of London.



Google Reviews

4,740 reviews
  • Matthew Douglas
    Matthew Douglas
    in the last week

    Amazing venue, one massive room split with an open balcony over 3 upper levels. At the right event you'd have a great time. Just remortgage so you can get the drinks in lol (around £15 a glass). From my experience KoKo has good staff, good security, and good lineups. If the event is expected to be big - arrive early as the queue can snake really long.

  • Diana Strigana
    Diana Strigana
    5 months ago

    Great location, beautiful building, stunning decor, iconic interior, and absolutely phenomenal sound with well crafted visual effects. Staff is super helpful, from security to the bar staff ,visited Brother's Struts performance outstanding!!! The atmosphere was great. Employees make you feel welcome and comfortable ,Well looked after place ,clean bathrooms, and genuinely great vibes Thank you

  • David Prowse
    David Prowse
    5 months ago

    Great venue for music. The stage and standing area is down one level, so you walk into the venue onto a balcony looking down. There is an upstairs bar that has an elevated view of the whole place and a downstairs bar at the back of the stalls. Staff were super helpful and courteous. Really enjoyed the music. Would definitely go again.

  • Radwa Mohamed
    Radwa Mohamed
    a week ago

    Amazing place with terrace view , the only downside to it was they took my chocolate on the door and never give it back lol

  • Svetoslav Nunev
    Svetoslav Nunev
    3 weeks ago

    Arguably the finest music venue in London. The main theatre is spectacular, the sound system is superb, and the atmosphere is truly unique.