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KidZania London Christmas Party Venue

London,W12 7SL
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KidZania London Christmas Party Venue With A Difference

Welcome to the fascinating world of KidZania London Christmas party venue, where you can host an unforgettable event for guests ranging from 20 to 1,500. Located in the heart of London, KidZania offers a one-of-a-kind experience, making it an ideal choice for your Christmas party in London. The 75,000 sq. ft. entertainment venue boasts a flexible and versatile space that can cater to various events, such as drinks receptions, street parties, product launches, family days, or team building events.

Embrace the vibrant atmosphere as you wander through the cobbled streets of KidZania London Christmas party venue and enjoy exclusive access to your very own city. With a town square, theatre, stadium, and even an Airbus A319 on-site, KidZania provides the perfect setting for any occasion.

One of the most appealing aspects of a Christmas party in London at KidZania is the abundance of entertaining activities for guests to indulge in. Try your hand at becoming a pilot at the aviation academy, work as a stylist in a fashion studio, perform life-saving surgery, or even step into the role of a firefighter. With over 60 activities to choose from, guests will be thrilled as they experience real-life professions in a fun and engaging environment.

Why settle for an ordinary venue when you can host your Christmas party in London at the extraordinary KidZania London Christmas party venue, where an entire city awaits your discovery?




Google Reviews

2,348 reviews
  • Jessica Lombardo
    Jessica Lombardo
    3 months ago

    Our trip to Kidzania, which we waited excitedly for two months, turned out to be a real letdown. The staff seemed tired and not into it, and a bunch of activities for kids were closed. When it was time for our son to buy something cool with his hard-earned play money, the shop only had shovels and football books. Seriously? We complained to the manager, and all we got was a sorry and some excuse about delivery problems. Not cool, especially considering how much we paid for the visit. Our son was super disappointed, and the manager had no solution, even when our kid was in tears. Oh, and the food situation was a downer too – our son has a dairy allergy, and there was nothing he could eat. We had to leave and find food somewhere else. This was supposed to be a great Christmas gift, but Kidzania, you really let us down. Not coming back! 👎

  • saroou19
    5 months ago

    This place is just amazing ! I don’t put a 5 stars for two reasons : half of the games were closed… the second reason is because of the openings hours.. indeed it closes at 3.30pm and kids don’t have time to do a lot of games.. my kids only did 4 as we need to wait approximately 20 to 40 min per activity because of the queue.. that’s great because they took groups of 6-8 children so that they can enjoy more but they should expand their opening hours to 5.30 pm so that kids have more time to enjoy.. For the good points, the activities were amazing. They could be in the place of mum or dad by working as a policeman or fireman. They earn money as adults do and can realise how hard it is to earn money by working. At the end they “bought” toys in the store with the money they have earned. I recommend of course this place but be there at the opening if you want to do the maximum of games !

  • Thomas Birch
    Thomas Birch
    5 months ago

    Quite impressed. Couple of things could be improved in terms of clearer queuing guidance for kids, but generally very impressed. Also could be a fast checkout lane. We didn't want photos as little one was shattered and needed to get home and we were stuck in a queue of people choosing photos. Lady running radio station was very accommodating of my 5 year old who couldn't quite read yet. All in all the kids loved it.

  • Adeel Chaudhry
    Adeel Chaudhry
    3 months ago

    Rated it 5 stars last year but have changed it to two after my current visit today (here now). Staff are alot more aggressive and highly unprofessional in comparison to the last batch- the ladies in particular. The lads in there have been smiling and welcoming. Quite surprising really as one of the reasons we returned was down to the friendly staff. Probably not again. X mas decorations are pretty abysmal too.

  • Eric Young
    Eric Young
    6 months ago

    Not much for under 4’s. Of these activities, all were unstaffed on our visit, so some were closed. Of the remainder, some rooms smelled bad, with dirty, and broken toys strewn everywhere. Some of the safe padding was worn/missing in some rooms. Overall overpriced, and wouldn’t recommend