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Junkyard Golf Shoreditch Christmas Party Venue: Where Festive Celebrations Get a Little Bizarre

Step Into the Extraordinary!
Shoreditch is calling all Christmas revellers! Experience the most eccentric golf, lavish cocktails, and a bizarre collection of junk. If you’re ready to stray from the ordinary, Junkyard Golf in Shoreditch is your next festive destination.

With four eclectic golf courses, be prepared for a journey that’s both twisted and unforgettable. It doesn’t matter if you’re competitive or just here for the quirky vibes. Just remember, those who don’t top the leaderboard are in charge of refreshments.

Embark on a Christmas Adventure at Junkyard Golf in Shoreditch.

Plunge into an unsettling fairground. Navigate past spooky clowns, around grand ferris wheels, and conquer the intimidating carousels laden with frights.
Fancy a rave? Our basement course, Dirk, beckons. Prep yourself to pray at an electric chair and put your skills to the test in a luminous UV-lit lavatory.
Tap into the rhythm with Gary. Slide from atop a battered mini and manoeuvre amidst a realm of vehicular remnants in our innovative take on a scrapyard.
Delve into a thrilling, treacherous paradise. Elude fierce cage-fighting bears and sidestep the remains of crashed narcos aircraft in Pablo’s unparalleled course.
Looking for the Perfect Christmas Venue Across London?

Whether you’re in Camden or Shoreditch, Junkyard Golf promises an evening filled with uncanny fun. Inspired by intriguing tales, our courses await players ready for an experience unlike any other.

This festive season, make it unforgettable. Choose Junkyard Golf Shoreditch Christmas party venue and elevate your celebrations to another level of excitement!



Google Reviews

3,393 reviews
  • Courtney Barrett (CJ Renzo)

    A really good afternoon out at a unique and fun venue. There are 4 courses and its a great atmosphere with good music. The bar area alone is a great place to have a drink. We found ourselves drinking in the bar area a couple of times. We also drank as we played our rounds of golf. We will definitely return again soon. #Highlyrecommended

  • Jaevion Nelson
    Jaevion Nelson
    2 months ago

    I love the space! The cocktails are good. Staff are friendly and helpful. Good price too compared to many places in London. I wish there were more snack/finger food options and that you could do more than 1 course for £14. Otherwise, it’s a great choice for two or more people.

  • Akinwunmi Iroko
    Akinwunmi Iroko
    2 months ago

    It's a fun place to be. Golf is great,with so many interesting and creative pathways . Nice drinks are available. You can nicely check in your bags and coats for safety while you play the games. The lights are like wow!

  • Anthony Lawrie
    Anthony Lawrie
    2 months ago

    We went for a kid-friendly Sunday and we loved it. Very creative. My 4 year old was blown away by it. The staff were very friendly and very helpful and accommodating. We will definitely come back

  • Erin Mayes
    Erin Mayes
    in the last week

    Such a good atmosphere for an occasion, good cocktails and the golf course is so fun! Found it great to do in a group and some good photo opportunities too!