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Junkyard Golf: A Christmas Venue Like No Other

Why Choose the Ordinary?
Bored of the same old festive gatherings? Turn up the Christmas spirit in a wild way with Junkyard Golf Club. Think crazy golf but add a mix of wild cocktails, thumping music, and an experience that’s far from the mundane.

Enter Our Playgrounds of Fun
Junkyard isn’t your regular golf club. We’ve got freakish fairgrounds, bears that look ready for a wrestle, and slides crafted from the junkyard’s best. It’s bizarre. It’s noisy. It’s unmissable.

Junkyard Golf Camden Christmas party venue awaits!
The weirdest golf, stunning cocktails, and an assortment of intriguing junk. Brace yourself to wander into the quirky. Four uniquely designed golf courses will not just test your putting skills but also take you on a wacky adventure.

Win or lose, here’s our rule: the one lagging behind gets the next round of drinks.

Discover our Christmas Golf Courses in Camden:

Dive into a nightmarish fairground. Putt amidst eerie clowns, navigate ferris wheels, and tackle the daunting carousels of terror.
Ready for a heart-pumping rave in our basement? Course Dirk will have you praying before an electric chair and then putting in a psychedelic, UV-lit toilet.
Groove and move with Gary’s course. Slide from the roof of a wrecked mini and navigate through an automobile graveyard in our remix of a scrapyard.
Venture into a dangerous paradise. Dodge cage-fighting bears and keep clear of downed narcos planes on our unique course, Pablo.
Make this Christmas memorable. Choose Junkyard Golf in Camden for an electrifying celebration!




Google Reviews

57 reviews
  • Cherrygrrl78 twinkletoes
    Cherrygrrl78 twinkletoes
    in the last week

    Great place. Visited 2 consecutive Sundays. Staff so friendly, Rahela and Toni especially made my families visit. The free classic arcade games are such a great touch. Blue light discounts are appreciated too thank you. Great course. Gary especially good for kids

  • Toni Bennett
    Toni Bennett
    3 weeks ago

    Came last night for the first time, played all 4 courses. Was great fun, lovely staff, fully recommend its a great night out. Free arcade games, good music, drinks are reasonable and cocktails taste amazing. Will definitely be visiting again.

  • Alisha Maltby
    Alisha Maltby
    4 weeks ago

    We visited on their first day of opening, which we didn't realise, but due to this, the place wasn't busy at all, so we had free reign. The staff were so lovely and showed us around everything, and we got loads of time to play on the free arcade games. When we came we only had the option of 2 courses which were both really fun. The only downside is that they're small, so you get round it pretty quickly. I guess when it's busier, it will take longer. I think there are 4 courses too, so there's definitely a lot of variety. The drinks were amazing and pretty reasonably priced; the cocktails were under £10. The actual atmosphere and music were great. Even if you didn't want to play golf, it would be a great spot to play arcade games, listen to music, and grab a drink. I'll definitely be back

  • Joel T
    Joel T
    2 weeks ago

    Amazing place and cheap drinks, Vic and Lezhive were really helpful with us picking our course, great atmosphere and free arcade games too

  • Justin Taylor
    Justin Taylor
    4 weeks ago

    A pleasant new activity. Unfortunately, I've now done it, and there's no need to return. Every hole similar challenge and way too small. The arcades are free, which was refreshing.