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Indigo at The O2 Christmas Party Venue

London,SE10 0ES
  • 2617

Indigo at The O2 Central London Christmas Party Venue

Big events. On a smaller scale. From the British Comedy Awards to the launch of Call of Duty: Ghost. We’ve hosted the biggest names in entertainment. Change the space to suit your event. Our venue is versatile. That means you can hire us for anything from an awards dinner for up to 540, to a music gig for 2,800.




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  • Kay M
    Kay M
    in the last week

    Kings row upstairs is the best place to book, great sight lines, speedy entry and a separate bar. Knocked two stars off because they charge £12 for a small can of Trip (£1.65 at a supermarket). I understand markups but this is profiteering and incomprehensible. Was baffled how a round of mostly alcohol free drinks cost £40.

  • Amy C
    Amy C
    3 weeks ago

    Attended a dance event recently. Mixed experience. Door staff and entry very polite and speedy. Bags scanned rather than searched which was much quicker. Cloakroom very overpriced at £5.00 and only took cash! So many places are cash free and many people don’t even carry it. Bar very busy with long waits. Only way to get water was to queue at the bar for an overpriced can of water to be tipped into a floppy plastic glass which spills everywhere! What’s the problem with giving it to you in a can‽ Moreover they should provide fresh drinking water free. The biggest complaint was, there was absolutely no seating provided in the main arena, only for the VIP section. This event was aimed at an older audience so it was ridiculous to not supply any seating. Not only was there nowhere to take a break from dancing, there was nowhere to drink the drinks you’d queued so long for and they just ended up getting spilled on the dance floor.

  • Nadine Brown
    Nadine Brown
    a month ago

    Loved this venue! Access to the show was superb as getting in and out was hassle free. Spacious and comfortable inside and the vibe was everything!

  • P. Y. ASARE
    P. Y. ASARE
    2 months ago

    Inside the dome, this is an excellent place to see live music. It has a clean, contemporary vibe both inside and out. Indigo is a cutting-edge, contemporary venue with a built-in stage, opulent backstage amenities, six selected caterers, and a separate VIP lounge. Situated inside the O2 Arena complex, Indigo at The O2 is a more intimate, smaller arena. Smaller concerts and other events that don't need to fill the entire big arena are held there. Very comfy seat. There is a limited view to the right of the stage. The view is somewhat obstructed by the bars at the front.

  • Bahadir Kapti
    Bahadir Kapti
    3 months ago

    The lights and the artists were amazing. Toilets needed more care and the cloak room line took way too much time. We had to wait for 1 hr extra for getting back our stuff after the performance was over.