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Heaven Central London Christmas Party Venue

Heaven is now central London’s only one thousand capacity venue for live music. Its sound and lighting system is comparable with anything else on offer to live music promoters in other venues. The atmosphere created for live music in this basement space, so full of history right underneath Charing Cross station, is unique and the question if often posed why it took some three decades into its time before it was discovered by live event promoters as a venue to stage their acts… A good question indeed.

This year, 2015, Heaven will be 36 years old. Middle aged if it were human. But it is not human. It’s still in its stroppy adolescence. Restless and moody. Wanting to try new things out still. Wanting to experiment and push back boundaries. If you haven’t checked us out yet, it’s about time you did!



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  • Sara Veronesi
    Sara Veronesi
    3 months ago

    Crazy night out with a friend in one of the most exciting clubs we've ever been! The strip show was fantastic, we had so much fun! Also, drinks are good (about 10£ for a gin and tonic) and the music was great. 1£ for the entrance and 2£ for wardrobe. Really recommended, I hope we'll come back soon!

  • Michael strogoff
    Michael strogoff
    in the last week

    it used to be really good, but recently they seem to have hired new bouncers and it just looks like a military base. They seem to manhandle guys and girls inside and kicking lots of people out, I even saw a girl being held on the ground outside. Seen it many times in the last 2 or 3 months, this never happened before, it was much more relaxed and there was kind of a "houseparty" happy go lucky atmosphere. Now this new security lurking and putting their nose into groups and people's business seem to make everyone uncomfortable. Shame. Other than that, top club

  • Samuel
    3 months ago

    I made my first ever clubbing visit here as a fresh 18 year old a week ago and they really put the bar high. It seems people have had bad experiences with the door staff, but I disagree with what has been said about them. Admittedly I did show up pretty much as soon as they opened, so crowds weren't an issue, maybe that is the difference for others. I was thoroughly searched (which I am happy with) and even had a little chat with the door staff, telling them it was my first time visiting and he even gave a bit of a "pep" talk - it was lovely! I made the mistake of not brining my student ID, so I payed 11 pounds for entry, not 4, but oh well, still the price I was expecting anyways. I had a couple of drinks across the evening. They tasted good, but I'm convinced the vodka was watered down, as my drinks tasted a bit too bearable haha. Mixed feelings about the bar staff, some seemed quite fed up, but others seemed friendly. It was nice to see a range of different people from different backgrounds working in there. A good presence of security and welfare staff throughout the venue made it feel very safe, and the atmosphere was brilliant once it started to get busy. Everybody seemed to be having a really good time. When you leave, the cloakroom is a bit chaotic, but if you wait patiently you get through it eventually. For me, I had a brilliant night and it seems like others did too!

  • Carl Dalton
    Carl Dalton
    a month ago

    Great club. Security is dreadful. I got pushed up the stairs and out the club for kissing a guy, leaving my friend inside. Nice security explained it shouldn’t have happened and will escalate and would have let me back in she could. Sounded great but I know it’s just lip service and they don’t care. be careful of security on a power trip.

  • Kamil
    a month ago

    We've frequented this establishment numerous times, but our experience varies greatly depending on the security at the door. Sometimes, even with proper identification, entry isn't guaranteed. There have been instances where we've been denied entry for seemingly arbitrary reasons, such as being labeled as regulars or without any explanation. It's frustrating when security appears to judge patrons unfairly, accusing them of being intoxicated without justification. I strongly advise the owner to reassess their choice of security company and ensure that they prioritize professionalism and consistent customer service.