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Heaven Central London Christmas Party Venue

Heaven is now central London’s only one thousand capacity venue for live music. Its sound and lighting system is comparable with anything else on offer to live music promoters in other venues. The atmosphere created for live music in this basement space, so full of history right underneath Charing Cross station, is unique and the question if often posed why it took some three decades into its time before it was discovered by live event promoters as a venue to stage their acts… A good question indeed.

This year, 2015, Heaven will be 36 years old. Middle aged if it were human. But it is not human. It’s still in its stroppy adolescence. Restless and moody. Wanting to try new things out still. Wanting to experiment and push back boundaries. If you haven’t checked us out yet, it’s about time you did!




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  • Ahmad
    a month ago

    I’ve been going here for quite often for a while and I’d recommend it. It has a great atmosphere and affordable if you have your student card. In my opinion it’s the best club in London. The drinks are affordable and the charitable contributions made by Heaven are fantastic to see. But, there are a couple things that need to be addressed. 1) Security - sometimes can be aggressive and unpleasant. Mostly nice. 2) Pervy behaviour - Although the space should be open to everyone there are a lot of older predators that will make advances on people who have just turned 18. More should be done to tackle this.

  • Rosie Smith
    Rosie Smith
    2 months ago

    Absolutely loved this place to see peach prc all very well organised but the drinks were VERY expensive about £20 for just 2. The show was amazing and people were filtered in quite slowly which was appreciated not sure if it was on purpose. I was quite far up the front of the queue so I don't know how it was for people further back

  • Cesar E.
    Cesar E.
    4 months ago

    Great club and definitely the biggest queer one in London. The queue on Fridays and Saturdays can get ridiculously long so I’d recommend getting there early. It’s cheap and drinks are okay for London prices. I’ve always had a good night tbh, and the music and vibe inside is great, but I must say a lot of friends have had bad experiences with the bouncers.

  • Shahzeb Khan
    Shahzeb Khan
    6 months ago

    "Heaven Club is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable night out in London. This iconic gay superclub has been at the heart of the city's LGBT scene for the last four decades, and it's easy to see why. From the moment you step inside, you're transported to another world, filled with pumping music, stunning visuals, and an electric atmosphere that's hard to beat. One of the highlights of Heaven Club is the legendary G-A-Y night, which has been running for years and never fails to deliver an amazing experience. The DJs are top-notch, the drinks are delicious, and the crowd is always friendly and welcoming. Whether you're looking to dance the night away, meet new people, or just soak up the incredible energy of this iconic venue, Heaven Club is the place to be. Overall, I would highly recommend Heaven Club to anyone looking for a vibrant, inclusive, and unforgettable night out in London. It's a true gem in the city's nightlife scene, and I can't wait to go back."

  • Morgan Hawkins
    Morgan Hawkins
    2 months ago

    So I actually had a GREAT time here on a Friday night. Let me first preface this: I am Black from USA, and my partner is Brazilian. We were actually in Barcelona a day before coming to London, and a local from London mentioned this club and said it was great but super racist. Of course I read the reviews here and many seemed to say similar things. I went with the mindset that we may be turned away because of our race which would suck, but it was Friday with nothing else going on so figured we’d risk it. I actually arrived shortly after 10pm to avoid the long line. We were met with some unpleasant security (not rude, but definitely not nice), who asked for IDs & such, which we gave them (brought our passport because several here have said they make excuses on other type of IDs). Long story short, despite the mean faces (which doesn’t seem atypical for London) had no problems. Inside, there were whites, asians, blacks, Indian, etc. It was very diverse. The music is great (we often went to different floors throughout the night), and there was a show at 0100 which was also good. The light effects were awesome. Getting there shortly after 10pm, there weren’t many people. But around midnight, it’s packed and I’m glad we avoided the long queue (reportedly 2 hour wait around midnight). I wouldn’t discount others’ experiences of racism, especially since many people are saying the same. But I will say that my experience was not that. Yea security could actually be more welcoming, but even when paying for the entry, the white girl said “you two boys have an amazing night”. She was SUPER nice and caught us both off guard because were expecting the opposite. We had fun! Maybe take the risk and go? Oh, and Don’t look drunk and don’t act dumb while waiting in line.