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Haberdasher’s Hall Christmas Party Venue

London,EC1A 9HQ
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Haberdasher’s Hall City of London Christmas Party Venue

Nestled in a secluded spot in West Smithfield, one of London’s newest Livery Halls houses one of its oldest Companies. Haberdashers’ Hall is a true one-of-a-kind venue which seamlessly fuses the avant-garde with stately tradition. Designed by celebrated British Architect Sir Michael Hopkins, Haberdashers’ Hall combines modern architecture and state of the art technology with traditional materials and building skills to form a 21st century venue of the finest quality and highest standards. New uncontested high speed Ethernet Internet Access is available for webcasts and video conferencing. Take advantage of the opportunities presented to add webcasts and video conferencing at your event at our most high tech Livery Hall.




Google Reviews

134 reviews
  • Loric Butler
    Loric Butler
    11 months ago

    Very grand location the building itself is beautiful and well maintained the garden area with fountain absolutely wonderful, I hope to visit again in the future, staff were lovely thank you

  • Harmony Madek
    Harmony Madek
    6 years ago

    This venue is absolutely amazing!! The staff are great, working with Karen, Becca and Kenrick was a breeze. If looking for a great venue in the heart of London but without the buzz and noise of the city, this is the place to go. Would hire this venue again in a heartbeat.

  • Ennis Lorédon
    Ennis Lorédon
    5 months ago

    Attended a memorial, it's a beautiful edifice and space... Seems like it has some connection to the crown.

  • Katarzyna Kubiaczyk

    Amazing place for big celebration. Food was delicious.

  • Splento Photographers On Demand

    Have been here several times - great location, wonderful atmosphere.