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Flight Club Bloomsbury Christmas Party Venue

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Flight Club Bloomsbury Central London Christmas Party Venue

Flight Club Bloomsbury Christmas party venue is a remarkable destination for a Christmas party in London, offering an unforgettable experience both day and night. Marvel at the unique features, including Andrea, the fairground horse, beautiful stained-glass windows, and the only carousel bar of its kind in London. With stunning murals, captivating portraits, and lights that dance to the music, the venue radiates joy and excitement.

As the winner of the Best Activity Bar in the London Lifestyle Awards, Flight Club Bloomsbury guarantees an incredible time. Established in April 2017, following the success of its sister venue, Flight Club Shoreditch, it has reinvented darts for the 21st century by introducing fast-paced, competitive games that bring people together for moments of pure joy.

Boasting the prestigious London Lifestyle Awards 2022 title for ‘Activity Bar of the Year’, Flight Club Bloomsbury showcases its Victorian heritage through its gorgeous interiors and unique carousel-themed bar. The buzzing atmosphere is complemented by a dedicated team that ensures you’re well-catered to, offering delicious pizza paddles, sharing plates, and innovative cocktails, including signature slushie cocktails.

Whether you’re stepping up to the oche or relaxing at the bar, Flight Club Bloomsbury promises a memorable Christmas party in London that you won’t forget. From the moment you step inside to your triumphant departure, immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance and delight in a truly extraordinary experience.

Events at Flight Club are the ultimate combination of engaging, competitive, memorable and most of all fun. We don’t do anything by halves, so we promise you and your team an experience to remember. We’re passionate about what we do and we’ll do everything we can to make sure that you have the best time with us!




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  • JT Joseph
    JT Joseph
    in the last week

    Really good fun, easy to play no matter what level and very bustling. ~£7 for a pint of lager (average central London prices). Went with a small group of 9 after work on Tuesday. It was super busy and slightly crowded in the booth, but still an overall enjoyable experience. Games are easy to play and the built in camera taking videos taking all these great shots throughout was a really good touch! Decor was perfect for the theme! Service flow was affected by large orders and limited wait staff.

  • Nicki M
    Nicki M
    2 months ago

    It was so much fun! All the fun of darts without the pain of maths. Great idea for a group of people. Drinks were well priced and everyone was lovely. Some of the games programmed are better than others. The email you get afterwards with the games highlights is a lovely touch.

  • Piran Sucindran
    Piran Sucindran
    a week ago

    Had a fantastic time there today! It was my wife’s birthday and they made it really special - thank you so much to the bar and waiting staff!!! Great fun with the boomerang videos as well!!! :D


    Super fun place to enjoy with friends, or as we go with work colleagues to have an entertaining afternoon. There a many different darts games that you select at the computer. You can take videos and photos of your team. Every time someone wins the computer also records and it is super fun to watch the replays. They have good selection of food to be ordered. Tip would be put more salt and pepper in the chicken ones, as well at the mac & cheese bites. Nice full bar. I loved the dats counting watch that shows real time How many darts were played in all venues they have.

  • Eugenio Zucal
    Eugenio Zucal
    3 weeks ago

    "Fight Club Bloomsbury: The DART Championship Pub" is a hidden gem for darts aficionados. With a cozy ambiance, well-maintained boards, and a variety of darts to choose from, it's a haven for dart lovers. The skilled staff and vibrant crowd create an electric atmosphere that enhances the game. Whether you're a pro or a novice, this pub promises a memorable darting experience.