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Egg LDN Central London Christmas Party Venue

In the past couple of years Egg LDN has been experiencing its own rebirth and launched itself to a wider audience within the events industry, as not only a unique and versatile venue but also the ‘Coolest Multi-Purpose’ venue in town. Egg LDN will celebrate 13 years as a leading London nightclub venue in May 2016. The world’s biggest DJs have graced the decks and now the world’s most exciting brands are looking to associate themselves with this venue. Winners of the ‘Coolest Multi-Purpose Venue’ at the Cool Venue Awards 2015 and finalists in the 2015 London Venue Awards, Egg LDN has secured its place as a successful corporate venue. Playing host to many different private functions from intimate product launches, networking and team building events and board meetings to fashion shows, film screenings, Opera and full on themed parties for a range of clients, the venue can be easily transformed to suit the clients preferred choices and needs.




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1,843 reviews
  • Jamie Proctor
    Jamie Proctor
    2 months ago

    Reviewing the place not an event. Lots.of different levels and bars to enjoy, well designed cloakroom that's fast and efficient. Outdoor and open spaces feel great at night and have a real buzz. Security was throuough and you need ID but all London clubs have required this for a long time. There's food available too, drinking were particularly expensive but its London and no different to anywhere else.

  • Amit Nath
    Amit Nath
    3 weeks ago

    Rude unprofessional staff. Had tickets purchased online but still was asked for £10 at the entry. It seems there are multiple events going on at the same time with different tickets. When asked to change the party and offered to pay for the other one security said we cannot mix, otherwise we have to leave. Absolutely makes no sense. Drinks are overpriced and I have seen better environments and floors elsewhere in London. Left 30 minutes after entering and went to a better place.

  • Peter Mülders
    Peter Mülders
    a month ago

    I had much higher expectations for a London club. The security process was okay, if a little thorough and very slow, but the interior and the atmosphere wasn't what I expected. We stayed a total of 30 minutes then moved on to a better club

  • Jasper Gneiting
    Jasper Gneiting
    3 weeks ago

    Hands down the worst club I have been in my life. I have an enhanced ID and they tried telling me my identification was invalid. I can fly to Mexico and Canada with my ID. We got in and I used a student ID as it was student night. Then, the cashier immediately told me my brother was going to blag his way in and I had sent him a picture. This is some top tier baloney, he is a student at Oxford and this is a pathetic assumption. We made it in and they escorted our friends out stripped searched them and accused them of putting the drugs into their drink. I was searched and all my gum was thrown away, presumably they want to be able to see who is on drugs? The security presence in here is unbearable. This is supposed to be one of the top clubs in London. Turns out the weird dude I thought was trying to dance with me was just a paranoid security guard. They don’t take a break even for a second, if one security guard leaves, another replaces him. Acting like Prince Andrew is on his way to court and needs protection. Never in my life have I had such a terrible experience at a club. The worst part is that the music sucks and the DJ had the music taste of a 12 year old. Never again. If I could use expletives I’m this review I would use a specific word 7,000 times. I kick the dust off my heals, biblically and physically. What an absolute waste of a night and a pathetic end to a beautiful holiday.

  • X Z
    X Z
    3 months ago

    I have recently been to the Egg London Night club and I experienced search misconduct from the doorman. Basically the club allows doorman to search through groin area, and when I challenged that the doorman did not change his behaviour and was rude and tried to provoke me for it. I escalated to the duty manager who confirmed that brushing through groin area was part of their searching policy. Based on UK Bouncer rules and regulations, that doorman’s actual search must be confined to bags, pockets, and outside clothing (e.g. a jacket). Additionally, bouncer would need customer permission to conduct a 'legal' strip search. Customer would also have to give consent for any search made on the interior clothing. Either way, these types of searches must be conducted in private and in the presence of an independent witness. In a nutshell, the club's search policy is not aligned with relevant rule/regulation/law. And there is no sign on the wall or to communicate to me or any other customers of what type of search it will be carried out, and certainly there was no information or asking for consent about the level of the search. I had emailed the club and the duty manager's (who provided the email address that day) numerous times to have more clarification but no reply has been given. So I am writing here to let the people know and I encourage people to protect themselves necessarily when it comes to body search, or to refuse to go the club. And certain action needs to take place against their policy.