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Cirque Le Soir Christmas Party Venue

London,W1F 9BN
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Cirque Le Soir Christmas Party in London With Live Entertainment

Cirque Le Soir Christmas events venue is an exclusive high-end event venue in London that excels in providing unforgettable experiences for corporate Christmas parties, private venue hire, and bespoke events. Known for its exceptional service, entertainment, cocktails, and canapés, Cirque Le Soir is the perfect destination for an extraordinary Christmas party in London.

At Cirque Le Soir Christmas parties, the unique and renowned performers will leave your guests in awe. Magicians, dwarves, drag queens, contortionists, strongmen, showgirls, fire breathers, hula hoopers, and freakshows are just a few of the outstanding acts that can be tailored to create a memorable event for you.

This London event venue is not only famous for its spectacular corporate events but also for its highly skilled events team that can cater to your every need. From angle grinding to fire breathing, latex dancers to sword swallowers, freakshows, stilt walkers, contortionists, and close-up magicians – Cirque Le Soir offers an almost never-ending list of world-class entertainers.

Cirque Le Soir’s creative team can provide an array of different costumes, characters, and acts, ensuring your Christmas party is as unique as possible. Whether you need a particular show or themed act for a special event, Cirque Le Soir’s event team can deliver an unforgettable experience in the heart of Soho.

Thanks to its versatile creative team, Cirque Le Soir can bring new shows and costume ideas to external venues as well as its own space. With limitless possibilities, this exceptional venue will make your Christmas party in London a one-of-a-kind celebration.



Google Reviews

495 reviews
  • katya3098
    in the last week

    Unforgettable night at @cirquelesoir So much fun and entertainments. Designed b very cool, talented dancers and the music just spot on. Highly Recommend! 🤩

    2 years ago

    Different experience for a night out. Very fun costumed people around. All staff are very helpful, attentive, and both my friend and I have been treated well, we’ve been offered drinks all night and a table to stay. The shows, especially with fire, were amazing. Cool vibe.

  • Kelly L
    Kelly L
    2 years ago

    Doesn't even deserve a 1*! I actually read the reviews about how bad it is before going and thought they deserve a chance after seeing videos on social media of how good it looks but they defiantly showed what others have said! Queued up for 30 minutes, we only had a few drinks before hand so we made sure no over for drunk to get in. Got the front of the queue and mentioned that I was on guesslist for my friends 21st birthday. Woman for the guesslist said "no guys can come in without paying for a table". They asked us for £1500!! This wasn't in mind for us, they told us to leave but yet we're too busy so wouldn't let us leave the queue. Disgusted with they're customer service, this should be started on their website! Ended up going across the road in the end, come to end of the night and the bouncer from cirque, told us to leave the the street by also trying to push us away and being verbally aggressive.

  • Amélie Stappaerts
    Amélie Stappaerts
    2 months ago

    The girl at the toilet charged me two pounds to use deodorant, there was 7 euros deducted from my bank account, imagine scamming someone for some deo, thats crazy

  • Sandeep Jimmy Choolackal

    Extremely racist. The bouncer outrightly took away our IDs and broke it even though it was the real deal (pretty sure that is a crime) and he even told us to "go back to where you came from". They made us wait 3 hours in the freezing cold only to keep shifting us to the back because of racism and letting white people and girls in (even a couple of our girlfriends were barred and IDs stolen saying "go back to where you came from". Extremely uncomfortable and denied entry. Worst expensive I have had in this country.

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