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Christmas With The Stars Christmas Party In Central London

Choose Madame Tussauds London as your Christmas party venue and create an unforgettable experience at this award-winning themed venue. Having hosted exceptional Christmas parties for over fifty years, Madame Tussauds can accommodate up to 1,000 guests and is situated in central London, making it a top choice for high-profile celebrity launches and festive celebrations.

With five immersive and interactive themed areas, Madame Tussauds offers versatility and personalisation, tailoring the venue to suit your specific needs. The World Stage Ballroom, the venue’s largest space, is designed for prestigious events such as award dinners. Equipped with a large stage, back projected screen, plasma screens, and a full lighting rig, the World Stage Ballroom’s LED lighting and adjustable pin-spot lighting allow you to customise the colours and layout to match your theme or corporate identity.

For a cocktail or prosecco reception catering to up to 800 guests, consider the fabulous ‘Party’ space at Madame Tussauds. This area serves as an icebreaker for networking events and provides entertainment, making your Christmas party in London genuinely memorable.

Madame Tussauds also hosts Christmas gala dinners in the ‘World Stage’ Ballroom, featuring a cocktail or prosecco reception in the ‘Party’ space accompanied by a live band and followed by a delicious three-course meal prepared by award-winning caterers.

For smaller office teams or friend groups, Madame Tussauds offers shared Christmas parties in London. Merlin Events, the venue’s official event management company, guarantees a seamless experience by providing catering, AV, lighting, staff, security, event management, entertainment, and more as a comprehensive solution for your event.

With a dedicated event manager and events team, Madame Tussauds London ensures a smooth and unforgettable Christmas party experience for all attendees. Contact our team today for current Christmas party packages!




Google Reviews

72,001 reviews
  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson
    a week ago

    35 years on since i last visited and it was amazing! We had the best day out.. so many photos... it wasn't that busy neither considering it was a Saturday afternoon (mid march) and a big queue to get in. There is good variety with the themes of the models, from action heroes to celebs and genres. They had star wars scenes too, which was my personal fave. There was a quite good 4d marvel movie as well. I highly recommend it, especially if you like taking photos.

  • Spaceh W92
    Spaceh W92
    a week ago

    Great experience with lots of figures to see spanning many genres. There was a ride and a 4d show included, which broke up the walking nicely. There were hands-on wax hands for those interested and a gift shop at the end.

  • hakobert
    a month ago

    🕯️ I've never been a fan of Madame Tussauds, except for visiting their wax museum here in London. I am really impressed and can say that every penny we spent here is really worth it. All the stars you know from Hollywood, film and television and celebrities in general from all over the world are set up here as wax figures. Even Marvel heroes are available as a 4D studio included in the price. There is also a taxi tour of England's history. They are fake taxis of course, see photos :) You can also buy merchandising items at the end of the tour (studios). and you should definitely allow yourself about 2 hours for the entire tour (some more, some less). Making our own wax hands was a big hit for us. When creating the wax hands, we were really impressed by Ahmed‘s artistic work. He's a genius and you definitely have to say that and praise him sometimes. 📣 If you liked my Google Maps reviews, I would be happy about a like here. You can also follow me by clicking on my profile picture above and then on the follow button under my username! Thank you :)

  • Gilad Mor
    Gilad Mor
    4 weeks ago

    We had a great visit here. We came in first thing in the morning just before opening and lines were already alongside the building. If you can come in early. The place has several parts. One of wax dolls and one of a 4D film, one with a two sites ride and one with Movie characters. The whole round took us about two hours. The kids really enjoyed it and we would definitely come back here again. A great attraction.

  • Zanna Morozova
    Zanna Morozova
    in the last week

    Last time I was here was more than 15years ago. It was so good to come back . Really enjoyed super hero part. Wasn't expecting to see Groot. Big collection of star wars ,celebrities... Nice ride London history. 👌 4d Cinema was great too.