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Christmas With The Stars Christmas Party In Central London

Choose Madame Tussauds London as your Christmas party venue and create an unforgettable experience at this award-winning themed venue. Having hosted exceptional Christmas parties for over fifty years, Madame Tussauds can accommodate up to 1,000 guests and is situated in central London, making it a top choice for high-profile celebrity launches and festive celebrations.

With five immersive and interactive themed areas, Madame Tussauds offers versatility and personalisation, tailoring the venue to suit your specific needs. The World Stage Ballroom, the venue’s largest space, is designed for prestigious events such as award dinners. Equipped with a large stage, back projected screen, plasma screens, and a full lighting rig, the World Stage Ballroom’s LED lighting and adjustable pin-spot lighting allow you to customise the colours and layout to match your theme or corporate identity.

For a cocktail or prosecco reception catering to up to 800 guests, consider the fabulous ‘Party’ space at Madame Tussauds. This area serves as an icebreaker for networking events and provides entertainment, making your Christmas party in London genuinely memorable.

Madame Tussauds also hosts Christmas gala dinners in the ‘World Stage’ Ballroom, featuring a cocktail or prosecco reception in the ‘Party’ space accompanied by a live band and followed by a delicious three-course meal prepared by award-winning caterers.

For smaller office teams or friend groups, Madame Tussauds offers shared Christmas parties in London. Merlin Events, the venue’s official event management company, guarantees a seamless experience by providing catering, AV, lighting, staff, security, event management, entertainment, and more as a comprehensive solution for your event.

With a dedicated event manager and events team, Madame Tussauds London ensures a smooth and unforgettable Christmas party experience for all attendees. Contact our team today for current Christmas party packages!




Google Reviews

68,383 reviews
  • Sarah Drysdale
    Sarah Drysdale
    in the last week

    We had a fantastic visit here. We booked a wheelchair spot as they only allow three wheelchair users in at one time, so I would highly recommend booking to avoid disappointment. As soon as we arrived the staff guided us in through an accessible entrance and then continued to guide us from one section to another. We hardly had to wait for a staff member to come and take us to the next section. They were very quick and polite. We went on the Spirit of London ride. I was abit nervous about getting on (the ride doesn't stop) but again, the staff were fabulous. They showed me the best was to get in and let me have three attempts at it without rushing. We were also able to get in the 3D cinema. The wax model were fantastic. From an accessible point of view, this is one of the best places I have been to to make me feel included in the whole experience.

  • Tuoyo-E
    a month ago

    One place you just have to visit in London in your lifetime even if just once. You will enjoy the one or two hours of taking pictures with excellent wax figures of celebrities. There is also a short excellent Marvel 4D animation towards the end of the exhibition (though I suspect the 4d movies get updated from time to time so may not necessarily be the same in a few years).

  • Shyam Sasidharan
    Shyam Sasidharan
    a week ago

    Good. Some sections were closed for maintenance. So missed some expected and anticipated celebs. Only if there was a way to know which sections would be closed in advance. Marvels 4D short movie is good. Taxi ride through time is very good. Owners, if you're listening - Ice cream shop needs to be at the end and not in the middle of the tour.

  • Owen Tatham-Brown
    Owen Tatham-Brown
    2 weeks ago

    I will always find Madam Tussauds to be a necessary attraction for anybody wanting to tour London. It's iconic. I do wish they had more flexibility with wheelchair rentals, as you have to book 24h in advance and it seems you have to do so with booking. I had already booked tickets and later realized that I should probably rent a wheelchair for the day, but every time I tried to do so it took me to the main booking page. Oh well.

  • Sharon Woolley
    Sharon Woolley
    a month ago

    Absolutely worth every penny! Staff were very helpful, plus we got a queue jump. The queue was long but wouldn't have minded queuing at all as it was brilliant, so much to see and do inside! There is a separate bit to buy tickets when you go so no need to book ahead although it may have been much cheaper