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The Exclusive Christmas Party at Tobacco Dock; This Christmas, step into the unknown and immerse yourself in this exclusive Christmas party at Tobacco Dock. Get ready for a unique, exciting, and colourful experience as you explore this kaleidoscope of colour with three exclusive large Christmas party venue options.

GREAT Gallery: Great Gallery is Tobacco Dock’s flagship event space, featuring Grade I listed beams and a host of potential event options. With your own private entrance and two dedicated bars, you’ll have an exclusive party experience. Unique and exciting event theming and production will complement the historic backdrop perfectly.
Guest Journey:

Enter via the Wapping Lane entrance into the Quayside Courtyard.
Enjoy a drinks reception in Quayside 1.
Dinner is served in the Great Gallery with space for dancing.

EAST MALL: Experience the beautiful exposed brickwork and wooden beams of the East Mall as this years theme comes to life. Enjoy welcome bubbles, a thrilling live band, and entertainment for an intimate party experience.
Guest Journey:

Guests enter via the Pennington Street east entrance.
Enjoy a drinks reception in East Mall 1.
Dinner is served in the Little Gallery with space for dancing.

North Dock: The North Dock’s exposed brickwork and low, vaulted ceilings create the perfect backdrop for your Christmas party. This un-themed space is ideal for standing-only parties and can be customized to create your own bespoke event or incorporate elements of this year’s jaw dropping theming.
Guest Journey:

Guests enter via the Pennington Street west entrance.
Enjoy a drinks reception in North Dock 3.
Dinner is served in North Dock 1 with space for dancing.

Embrace the excitement and adventure of the future this exclusive Christmas party at Tobacco Dock London. Indulge in delicious food, beverages, and entertainment in one of the three impressive standalone spaces or join the mixed group nights in the flagship event space.



Google Reviews

304 reviews
  • Jangu Creates (JanguCreates)

    Great venue with plenty of rooms for speaker events that are happening at the same time. All have doors and you're able to listen to talks without outside distractions from other events or commotion in the walkways. The historical ships were a great surprise as well out back. You can have your lunch overlooking the ducks and lovely buildings. Great views from the rooftop as well.

  • Neil Cairns
    Neil Cairns
    a month ago

    Visited over the May bank holiday for the Bike Shed Motoshow 2024. Excellent venue and very well organised. Only a short walk from Shadwell tube station. Great selection of food & drink vendors, had an excellent Mac N Cheese, and saw some great Motorbikes and met some great people.

  • Pete Healy
    Pete Healy
    a month ago

    Great venue for the annual Bike Shed Moto show. Well connected to transport links, easy to find and lots of facilities.

  • Paul Wright
    Paul Wright
    a month ago

    What a beautiful place to wander around, We were there at the bike shed show . But will definitely go back to look around the area.

  • Barry Turner
    Barry Turner
    a month ago

    Attended the Bike Shed Moto Show held here. What a great venue for a show like this.

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