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Celebrate with Christmas parties at Harrods: The Ultimate Culinary Experience

Step into the world of luxury dining at Harrods, boasting over 20 distinct venues that blend traditional flavours with contemporary flair, all curated by Michelin-star chefs and culinary visionaries. From intimate to grand settings, Harrods guarantees an unforgettable backdrop, complete with sweeping views of London’s majestic skyline.

Studio Frantzén: Nordic Meets the Sky
Nestled atop Harrods, Studio Frantzén showcases a sublime blend of Nordic gastronomy infused with Asian touches. With Chef Björn Frantzén at the helm, guests can choose between an intimate gathering in the private dining room that hosts up to 18 or a grand celebration on the terrace and restaurant, accommodating up to 160.

Chai Wu: Pan-Asian Elegance on the Fifth Floor
Dive into Chai Wu’s modern twist on pan-Asian classics. Be it the semi-private room seating 8, the private space accommodating 20, or a more extensive setting for 60, Chai Wu ensures an evening of sophisticated charm.

Baccarat Bar: Decadence Below Ground
Descend to the lower ground to find Baccarat Bar, where opulence meets craftsmanship. Ideal for groups, this cocktail haven can host up to 55 guests, with an option to include entertainment for 35 seated patrons.

Harrods Social by Jason Atherton: Michelin-Grade British Fare
The lower ground also houses Jason Atherton’s brilliance, where guests can relish in locally-sourced dishes. With capacity ranging from 50 for an entertainment-filled evening to 90 for a seated dinner, it promises a night of culinary wonder.

Dim Sum Terrace: Modern Asian Retreat on the Fourth Floor
The fourth floor presents the Dim Sum Terrace, offering innovative takes on beloved dim sum throughout the day. Suited for receptions and intimate dinners, the venue can hold up to 60 guests.

Tiffany Blue Box Cafe: Iconic Breakfasts and More
Relish the fantasy of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ on the lower ground floor. The Tiffany Blue Box Cafe, with its elegant ambience, can host 38 seated guests or 30 when paired with entertainment.

Every corner of Harrods resonates with charm, elegance, and unmatched culinary expertise. Dive in and embrace the Harrods experience for your Christmas celebration this year. Christmas parties at Harrods are perfect for companies and groups of various sizes, who wish to celebrate in a stylish setting like never before.



Google Reviews

101,216 reviews
  • buyushay
    2 weeks ago

    Wow! Just …. Wow!! My only regret is that I can’t shop here during the Christmas holidays. It must be magical. This place reminds me of movies like Elf and It’s a wonderful life! Those gigantic old department stores from yesteryear. A shoppers paradise. But… NOT cheap!! My favorite part is the food, chocolate and bakery shops. Just awesome!!!!

  • David Schwartz
    David Schwartz
    a month ago

    Outlandish, center of the universe department store with the best food hall on Earth. Scour the bookstore for interesting cheapish reads. Grab something to eat in its many cafes and the food court is legendary. The pizza restaurant is excellent. Browsing the spirits, wine and cognac departments are for great fun although good luck affording most everything.

  • rozá
    a week ago

    It’s absolutely huger than what I expected and if you want to take a full look on in you might want a full day or two! Its 7 floors and has everything you expect from luxury jewelry to home stores and gifts shop and too many things more, but most importantly if you want to buy stuff expect to spend from 50£-1000£+ I got some chocolate souvenirs for my family back home and yes after I was done with the whole shop I needed to take a break after because my legs were so tired, anyways it’s a must if you visit london!

  • Tijs van Raalte
    Tijs van Raalte
    a week ago

    Just too snob for my liking. Prices are through the roof but I suppose that is part of the it all to attract the 'better' kind of people? If you end up here and are bored waiting in others...go observe the taxi line. Always fun to see Englishmen lose temper over people cutting in line :D

  • Arpan Patel007
    Arpan Patel007
    3 weeks ago

    Harrods is so famous and so beautiful, especially when it is all lit up at night. It is lovely to walk through, though most of the designer goods look like all the designer goods I have seen in shops elsewhere. They do have a fabulous takeaway food section with freshly prepared food. We stayed nearby and brought home some salmon and vegetable salads, and they were all great. NEW Harrods in London is an iconic shopping destination that offers a wide variety of luxury brands and unique items. 🛍️ The store's elegant and opulent decor adds to the overall shopping experience, making it a must visit for tourists and locals alike. However, Harrods can be quite crowded, especially during peak times, which can make navigating through the store a bit challenging. 👫 Despite the hustle and bustle, the store's staff remain attentive and helpful, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience. One downside is the limited space for dining inside the mall. 🍽️ Finding a spot to sit and enjoy a meal can be difficult, especially during busy hours. Overall, Harrods is a fantastic place to explore, but it’s best to plan your visit during less busy times to fully enjoy everything it has to offer.

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