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Christmas Parties at Freemasons’ Hall: Unveil an Iconic Christmas Party in the Heart of London

Freemasons’ Hall is an art-deco marvel steeped in history. Christmas parties at Freemasons Hall take place in an iconic and historic setting that is a testament to England’s architectural grandeur. Nestled in the vibrant Covent Garden’s Great Queen Street, it has been hosting events and welcoming visitors since its first Hall was constructed in 1776.

Freemasons Hall Christmas Events Feature:

  • Location: Conveniently located in Covent Garden, an area well-known for its lively atmosphere.
  • Venue spaces: Offers an array of spaces with varying capacities, suitable for any size and style of event.
  • Christmas party package: Customisable packages to meet all your festive party needs.

Versatile Party Spaces for Every Occasion

Christmas parties at Freemasons’ Hall boast a variety of spaces, each bearing its own charm and functionality. The Gallery Suite & Ante Room and the Old Boardroom grace the ground floor. The Gallery Suite, a spacious rectangular room, can accommodate up to 220 attendees, perfect for theatre-style events, standing receptions, or dining. The Ante Room, ideal for refreshments and drinks receptions, and the Old Boardroom, suitable for more intimate meetings or as a breakout room, further complement the ground floor’s offering.

The Hall’s most opulent spaces are on the first floor – the Grand Temple and the Vestibules, which can host parties and receptions for up to 450 standing guests. The Vestibules can also accommodate up to 250 diners, with a separate section for a drinks reception. The adjoining Processional Corridor and Grand Officers’ Robing Room add to the venue’s grandeur and versatility, offering combined capacity for up to 850 guests.

Grand Temple: The Heart of Freemasons’ Hall

Behold the Grand Temple, Freemasons’ Hall’s largest and most magnificent space. This grand setting offers fixed theatre-style seating for up to 1,625 guests, or 928 if only the lower-level seating is used. This layout suits smaller audiences of 350 – 400 exceptionally well, with self-contained conferencing facilities available in combination with the Vestibules and the Past Grand Officers’ Robing Room. Additionally, the Grand Temple’s seating can be staged over – fully or in part – to provide flat floored spaces for dining, standing receptions, or dancing, with a maximum capacity of 1,138 if fully staged over.

Christmas Party Packages at Freemasons’ Hall

Experience an unforgettable Christmas party in the heart of Covent Garden at Freemasons’ Hall. Immerse yourself in our stunning re-creation of the Venetian carnival, a whirl of decadence, drama, and delight. Your guests will be welcomed with a sparkling arrival drink, followed by choice of delectable food options and an all-inclusive house drinks package.

Upgrade options are available to elevate your festive celebration, including delicious canapés, spirit packages, engaging magicians, a lively four-piece band, and sensational entertainment acts. With our talented DJ setting the right mood, an astonishing Christmas party at Freemasons Hall awaits you.

Freemasons’ Hall, with its historical charm, flexible spaces, and impressive party packages, sets the stage for a unique and memorable Christmas party. Amid the extravagance and glamour of this landmark building, you and your guests are promised an exceptional celebration.




Google Reviews

1,738 reviews
  • Rob
    5 months ago

    Freemasons Hall in London is a captivating destination that seamlessly blends history, culture, and architectural grandeur. This iconic building houses a fascinating museum, a charming café, and boasts a rich heritage that will leave you in awe. Step inside the museum, and you'll find yourself immersed in the captivating world of Freemasonry. From ancient artifacts to intriguing displays, the museum offers a glimpse into the rituals, symbols, and traditions of this enigmatic fraternity. It's a truly enriching experience that unveils the secrets of Freemasonry's past... recommended.

  • Becky T
    Becky T
    6 months ago

    We came for the free museum, and found it to cover a lot of facets of the Freemasons history, rituals, and beliefs without being too overtly propagandizing (which is what I had thought it might do). We spent about an hour - 30-35 minutes in the museum then another 25-30 in the library and south gallery. There is a lot of information information about the rituals, objects, how quickly it expanded worldwide, key figures and members, etc. Signage is quite clear, and you can either take a quick look at the big signs, or learn a little more in-depth details by reading about the specific objects (as those commonly contained interesting factoids vs. just saying what the object was). It did occasionally feel like name dropping - Ben Franklin, Voltaire, royalty, etc. - and when heading to the second library/south gallery side it mentioned people that dissented but then didn’t really elaborate, which was a little disappointing. It is free to enter, though there is an audio guide available for £5. They also have a gift shop, and clean toilets.

  • Thomas Larsen
    Thomas Larsen
    3 months ago

    I've been a Freemason for over 10yrs and have seen nothing like this. Makes you feel small, yet inspired to be the best you, that you can be. If that was the point well done Brothers!!

  • Em Slate
    Em Slate
    2 months ago

    Incredibly beautiful and such a quiet tour... one of the most underrated tourist spots in London

  • B J Goldzinski
    B J Goldzinski
    6 months ago

    A beautiful place of incredible design. The architecture and work put in it are simply incredible. I don't think anyone will build a place like this again. It is worth seeing and I would recommend it as a tourist attraction as this place is one of a kind in a league of its own. Simply breathtaking.