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Cahoots Christmas Party Venue

London,W1B 5PG
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Celebrate Christmas in Vintage Style at Cahoots

This festive season, transport your guests back to the 1940s and host a unique and unforgettable Christmas party at Cahoots, a themed venue set in the home of the Scoundrels. Choose from a variety of party spaces, each with their own vintage charm and character, perfect for intimate gatherings or lively celebrations, with several separate Christmas party spaces to hold events for a range of sizes…

Christmas at the Underground
Step back in time to 1946 and party in the disused train station’s Underground, featuring a vintage tube carriage, platform bar, and mismatched furniture, all adorned with festive decorations by the Scoundrels. Ideal for a memorable Christmas knees-up, the Underground can accommodate up to 150 guests.

Christmas in the Carriage at the Underground
For a semi-private celebration, host your shindig in the vintage underground tube carriage, complete with authentic moquette-patterned seats and makeshift wooden trunks for tables. Enjoy exclusive privacy while still experiencing the energy of the Cahoots Underground, perfect for a Christmas get-together with up to 30 guests.

Christmas at the Signal Station
Venture down the ‘out-of-bounds’ staircase beneath the Ticket Hall into the secret hideaway of the Signal Station. This industrial maze of switches, dials, and twinkling Christmas lights creates an unforgettable setting for festive shindigs or late-night parties, accommodating up to 70 guests.

Christmas at the Ticket Hall
Transformed from a bustling station to a cozy space for Christmas parties, the Ticket Hall features comfy chairs, ornate lampshades, and vintage decorations. With a capacity of up to 100 guests, enjoy festive tunes played through old announcement megaphones and marvel at the vintage details that pay tribute to its past life as a train station.

Christmas at the Ticket Hall & Signal Station
For an incredible Christmas party, book the Cahoots Ticket Hall & Signal Station, offering a unique and vintage backdrop for your festive event. With a combined capacity of up to 170 guests, immerse yourselves in the 1940s atmosphere, adorned with vintage Christmas decor and twinkling lights.

Host your Christmas party at Cahoots and create unforgettable memories in a venue that captures the spirit of the 1940s, providing an extraordinary experience for you and your guests.




Google Reviews

3,748 reviews
  • Chris A L
    Chris A L
    a week ago

    Cahoots consistently leaves a lasting impression on the new friends we bring along. A cherished London fixture for us since 2016, I hope it remains a part of our lives until we're all gray. It's a treasure trove of memories, stories, delightful cocktails, and memorable hangovers. The staff is truly exceptional—sweet, knowledgeable, and incredibly fun. Thanks once more; we'll definitely be returning soon.

  • Raquel Robles
    Raquel Robles
    a month ago

    Great cocktail bar. We had a good time there, the atmosphere is amazing. Lovely decorations everywhere, it really brings you back in time. I loved that the menu is a newspaper and the cocktail glasses are also amazing. Even the toilets are amazing! The only but is that they do rush you to finish and leave and try to sell you as much drinks as possible in the little time you have there. Other than that, all great.

  • Laurien
    2 months ago

    Amazing venue, with such a special atmosphere. “Welcome to 1946” our waitress greeted us as we entered this bar. We truly felt as if we had time travelled and walked into this old underground station and the Bakerloo line. Cocktails were great, and the one that came in a Winston Churchill-shaped cup was just amazing. Wonderful place that I’d recommend to anyone visiting London. Booking in advance required.

  • Dixtraction
    2 months ago

    The underground bar was such a great experience. The drinks were really good and they had a live DJ. The only reason i don’t give it 5 stars is because even though we made a reservation, we still had to wait 35 minutes outside for a table and wouldn’t let us line up before our reservation time.. the chairs are also a bit low to the ground and can get uncomfortable after a little while. Still a really nice place to visit.

  • Bow K. Techataveekijkul

    Found this rad underground-themed bar in SoHo. They're totally committed to the theme — from the entrance to the decorations and even the toilets. The menu's adorable, shaped like a retro newspaper. What's even better? They open in the afternoon, so we kicked off some early day drinking 🍻 Their drinks are on point too. Tried the Winston Churchill, served in a mug shaped like the great man himself, and the Milkman Special, which came in a cool milk carton-shaped mug. Cheers to unexpected cool finds! 🎉