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Christmas parties at BOOM BATTLE BAR: Unleash Your Competitive Spirit!

Glistening neon lights, the soft hum of conversation, the clink of glasses, the whoops of victory – welcome to the BOOM BATTLE BAR Christmas party venues! London’s premier destinations for fun, frolic, and fierce competition. A space where style meets sport, and food meets fantasy!

About BOOM BATTLE BAR Christmas party venues: When you’re seeking more than just an average bar, BOOM BATTLE BAR offers a premium experience that combines the elements of entertainment, delectable food, mesmerising cocktails, and unparalleled hospitality. It’s not just a venue – it’s a sensation!

Games Galore: From testing your precision in Axe Throwing to letting your vocals loose in Private Karaoke booths, and even challenging your buddies to a round of Beer Pong, BOOM BATTLE BAR promises unadulterated fun. And for the tech-savvy, our Augmented Reality Darts is sure to be a hit. Not to forget, the tension and excitement of shuffleboard that guarantees to get even the most stoic player animated.

Culinary Delights: What’s fun without food? Our street food-inspired menu, complemented by our limited edition Christmas specials, will give your taste buds a festive treat.

Drinks to Dazzle: Our bar isn’t just a place to order drinks; it’s a place where magic happens. From festive cocktails and chilled champagne to a selection of drafts, let our seasoned bar staff whip you up a concoction that tingles your senses.

Your Event, Our Priority: Every event is unique, and our dedicated Sales & Events Managers understand this. Working closely with you, we ensure every detail, no matter how minute, is taken care of. Tailoring the experience according to your preferences is our forte, and we pledge to make your event an unforgettable one.

London Locations: 1. OXFORD STREET:
Venue Capacity: Total: 500 (Standing: 350; Seating: 150)
A bustling spot, right in the heart of London’s shopping paradise!

2. THE O2:
Venue Capacity: Total: 800 (Standing: 600; Seating: 200)
Located at London’s iconic entertainment venue, this location offers more than just games!

Venue Capacity: Total: 500 (Standing: 400; Seating: 100)
Experience the magic of competition and camaraderie in the beautiful district of Ealing!

An event at BOOM BATTLE BAR is not just about booking a venue; it’s about creating memories. Be it corporate events, team-building exercises, birthday parties, or just a night out with friends; this is where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. So, if you’re looking for a celebration that will have your guests raving about it for days to come, look no further. BOOM BATTLE BAR awaits!




Google Reviews

1,122 reviews
  • Daniel Hilbourne
    Daniel Hilbourne
    a month ago

    Good atmosphere, I was surprised at how big this place was and how many different activities they have. I was here for axe throwing and shuffle board. The axe throwing was a bit more challenging than I thought it would be (recommend handed throwing). There are different games to play that help to keep things interesting. There were only two of us playing, which felt about right for a half-hour session, I think with a bigger group, you might need a bit longer. Shuffle Board was also very enjoyable. It wasn't too busy when I was there, so I was able to go a little bit over time to finish a game, I understand that this might not be possible a peek times. Didn't try the food, but the buffalo wings smelt great. Good selection of beers at the bar. Definitely want to go back and try the agmented reality darts. It looked so much fun.

  • Dave Selkirk
    Dave Selkirk
    3 months ago

    Starting with the good, we booked and played shuffleboard, and had a great time doing it. The vibe inside is fun and exciting and good atmosphere. I've taken 3 stars off because of the terrible service by the person who showed us to our area. For whatever reason the group booked before us were allowed (told by him) they could go over (by 15 mins). He didn't tell us that, he just sent us over to the table. He then didn't tell us what time we actually could start, our booking was at 18:00, but we couldn't go on until 18:15 because the table before was told they could stay until 18:15. He then didn't show us how the table worked or explain the point of the game. He also then sent the next group over at 19:00, so we had to remind him that we hadn't started until 18:15. It really soured the experience. Lastly, we ordered food, and the table numbers were labeled incorrectly. After 30 mins I went to go find the food, and they then gave it to me. They had our email address (we ordered through the qr code) but made no attempt to contact us. They apologised and gave us a round of shots for this, but it irked me that no attempt was made to contact us when we weren't at the table indicated in the order (because the table was labeled incorrectly). These 3 points aside, it would have been 5 stars, but they need to be addressed.

  • Beatriz Jesus
    Beatriz Jesus
    a week ago

    I visited Boom Battle Bar Lakeside for Karaoke with my family and absolutely loved it, the vibe, the service, etc. I loved it so much that I decided to book Boom Battle Bar Oxford Street for my leaving do and have a good time with my work colleagues. The atmosphere was amazing, great music, sax playing, loads of people and loads of great activities. We arrived on time for our Karaoke session which started at 19.30 and it’s meant to last for an hour however the group before us was refusing to leave as apparently they were told they could stay for extra time so we had to wait as the staff was sorting it out. We then went in at 19.45, everything was so dirty, no props (as the one in lakeside had pink cowboy hats, funky glasses, etc), some of the music was not working either and we also hadn’t received the jaggermeister paddle board of shots I had preordered. One of the staff members then came in at 20.20 and said “3 more minutes” and I told her we had come in late because of the previous group and she said “well I am telling you you have 3 more minutes only” and did not care - light skin girl with the blonde cornrows, she was extremely rude. Ignored it and spoke to staff again due to not receiving the Jaggermeister paddle board and they were so rude saying that I had not paid for it at first, I then showed them the booking confirmation and they literally had to take a picture of it and go show the manager, even then the manager decided they had to go check CCTV. We proceeded to wait and wait and then finally they gave us our shots. No compensation, no apologies, our Karaoke session was cut short, had to fight for shots we had paid for, the staff was rude, that completely ruined our experience with Boom Battle Bar. Giving it 2 starts because I still very much want to try other branches, and I do believe they must deal with a lot of intoxicated rude customers therefore they must have their “guard” up however it is also not an excuse to treat us the way they did.

  • Isha Das
    Isha Das
    a week ago

    Had a client event here and played the darts. It was so much fun. Would definitely recommend it. Place was very noisy for a Wednesday night but still made the night fun. Food was delicious finger food. The chicken tenders taste really good. Atmosphere was amazing as soon as you walk in it hypes you up. Staff were so patient and very attentive. Booked my bday and another client event after this. They really looked after us and everyone had an enjoyable night.

  • Prashant Sanghani
    Prashant Sanghani
    in the last week

    Darts and karaoke! What a great combo! I don't think I need to make a song and dance about this to get my point across, but we were never board and I could wax lyrically about the fun we had! It was value for money at double or treble the price, although that might rely on the company you're with most of whom need to enjoy the limelight when they take to the stage!