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Christmas Party Venues Elegant, Exclusive, Historic, Iconic Guide budget from £30,000

Banqueting House Christmas Party Venue

London,SW1A 2HP
  • 500
  • 380
  • 320
    Dinner Dance

Banqueting House: A Majestic Christmas Party Venue in London

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the opulence of the 17th-century Banqueting House, an iconic landmark that serves as the perfect setting for your Christmas party. With its rich history and stunning period features, this historical venue will leave a lasting impression on your guests. The Main Hall, with a capacity of up to 380 guests, is a breathtaking space that provides an extraordinary backdrop for any event.

As your guests arrive through the splendid undercroft, they will be welcomed by festive decorations that set the tone for a truly memorable evening. After enjoying drinks in this enchanting reception area, they will ascend the impressive staircase, following the footsteps of former Kings and Queens. The Main Hall, with its soaring pillars and magnificent chandeliers, exudes grandeur and elegance. At its heart lies one of the world’s great masterpieces – Peter Paul Rubens’ ceiling painting.

The Banqueting House transforms into a spectacular Christmas party venue, with tables adorned with candles, sparkling chandeliers, and the awe-inspiring Rubens’ masterpiece above. Your guests will be captivated by the enchanting atmosphere, making your Christmas party an unforgettable experience.

Choose the Banqueting House for your Christmas party in London and create a truly unique and remarkable event that your guests will treasure. The combination of its historical significance, stunning architecture, and luxurious ambiance make it the ultimate venue for a magical Christmas celebration.




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  • Satish Chandran
    Satish Chandran
    5 years ago

    Well preserved, well maintained place which has some amazing artwork adorning the ceiling which apparently was brought all the way from Belgium. One typically would spend about an hour here. There is a documentary to view first, enlightening people of the history behind this place along with an audio guide which is provided free of charge with the ticket. Entry fee applicable. Credit cards accepted but not Amex.

  • Shir Suez
    Shir Suez
    4 years ago

    Had no idea about this place but when I purchased the Historic Palace Membership for Hampton’s Court, it was one of the six Palaces that I could visit for free with my membership. I highly recommend buying the membership if you are planning on doing the Tower of London/Hampton’s Court/Kensington Palace since they membership cost as much as an entry to two Palaces. You also receive special membership access to after hours. It’s very small, just one big room but laying on bean bags while watching a gorgeous ceiling and listening to history of the room and palace is a nice way to spend a couple of hours.

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G
    2 months ago

    It’s free to view a couple times a year and also if you’re an HRP member. It’s just one large hall so doesn’t take long, but the Rubén’s parings are incredible and it’s such a historic spot.

  • Dermot Tuohey
    Dermot Tuohey
    4 years ago

    This is what remains of Whitehall Palace which burnt down in 1698. The hall itself looks quite plain and then you look up at the ceiling! Ceiling painting was quite common at the time but this is a very impressive example of it. There are bean bags in the hall to allow you to lie back to look at the ceiling in its entirety.

  • Steven Heath
    Steven Heath
    3 years ago

    A must see (and listen to the guide) when in London. First time since I first came to visit London, 34 years ago. The ceiling by Peter Paul Rubens, is something to behold and the remarkable history of the building very interesting. Could do with the non original bland walls being restored.