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Arcade Social Christmas Party: Choose Your Retro Realm!

This festive season, experience a neon-blast from the past at Arcade Social. Based in two of London’s most vibrant locations, Soho and Shoreditch, our venues promise an electric fusion of retro games, classic cocktails, and an ambience you won’t forget.

Timeless Drinks, Timeless Games
Sip on game-inspired cocktails or relish our craft beers as you journey through our vast collection of arcades and consoles. Whether it’s the competitive thrill of 6-player brawls or the nostalgia of Pac Man, we’ve got something for every gamer.

Soho or Shoreditch: Where Will Your Party Shine?
Each of our venues boasts unique features, but both promise an unrivalled retro gaming experience:

NQ64 Soho Christmas Party Venue: Intimate yet vibrant, our Soho location can host up to 350 standing guests. Dive deep into the Crash Bandicoot-inspired Aku Aku Fruit Punch or challenge your pals to a session on the original PlayStation. A setting that’s dark, neon-lit, and always Instagram-ready.
NQ64 Shoreditch Christmas Party Venue: Our flagship Shoreditch spot welcomes a larger crowd with a capacity for 450 standing guests. Slide (literally!) into the party or conquer the 4-player Mario Kart. Here, the decor is eclectic, and the vibe unmistakably NQ64.
For The Hungry Gamer Mid-battle munchies? Choose from crisps, sweets, or the iconic Pot Noodle. Want something more filling? We collaborate with trusted external suppliers to deliver a more hearty feast.

Make It Private, Semi-private, or Social
Whether it’s a cosy gathering or a grand bash, Arcade Social caters to every group size. Opt for private venue hire, book larger group areas, or reserve a table. Both locations guarantee an unparalleled experience.

So, this Christmas, where will your retro adventure begin? Soho’s neon-lit streets or Shoreditch’s eclectic corners? Book your spot at Arcade Social, and let the games begin!




Google Reviews

229 reviews
  • Loretta Omoruanzoje
    Loretta Omoruanzoje
    in the last week

    I went here on a date the other day and had a fun time. There was a really nice vibe and atmosphere and the cocktails were amazing and really creative. The only down side was the games, not because there was anything wrong with them but because there weren’t any instructions and this would sometimes result in tokens being wasted. I’m not someone who grew up playing lots of video games so this was a bit of a challenge. Overall, it was a really good experience.

  • Ana Carolina S. Gelinskas

    Very cool place. You may take forever to get to play the more "popular" games, as just dance, guitar hero and throw some hoops. But it's fair enough. The music is a bit too loud to talk through, considering you have places to sit down and enjoy a meal together. Overall really enjoyed it.

  • Monik G
    Monik G
    2 weeks ago

    Just had an unforgettable night at NQ64 Shoreditch! This place has it all - delicious cocktails, DJ music, and a whole bunch of arcade games to keep the fun going. The atmosphere is electric, with vibrant decor and friendly staff. Queues for drinks are a bit long as well as for the best games, so make sure you go well served. Whether you're sipping on a perfectly crafted cocktail or battling it out on the arcade games, there's never a dull moment here. I have been a few times before in NQ64 Soho, but Shoreditch is much bigger. It's the perfect spot to unwind after a long day or kickstart your weekend with friends. Highly recommend checking it out!

  • Desai Athanaze
    Desai Athanaze
    5 months ago

    Great atmosphere. They had a live DJ so the music was really good. Food was great but it's only burgers and fries (with Vege and vegan options available). You can get 15 tokens for £9. Games require mostly just 1 or 2 pp. So if you're going as a couple you can get through maybe 4 games together and some console games are free. Cocktails are amazing and a lot more expert than expected. Overall would recommend!

  • Stephen Bonser (BonBon Films)

    Been wondering when London would have its own retro arcade bar and here is it. The variety of games is incredible, proper nostalgia. The food was off the scale. The only thing for me, was it was very loud in there, so acoustics were not great, but everything else was awesome