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Aqua Nueva Christmas Party Venue

London,W1B 3BR

Aqua Nueva Christmas Party Venue (& Aqua Kyoto)

Host your Christmas party at Aqua Nueva and Aqua Kyoto, two of London’s most glamorous restaurants. With their central location, these glitzy venues offer elegant private spaces and exquisite menus to cater for your festive event. Aqua Kyoto is an innovative Japanese restaurant featuring an open sushi bar and grill, while the sleek Aqua Nueva offers modern Spanish cuisine, a gold cocktail bar, and a rooftop terrace.

When hired together, Aqua Kyoto and Aqua Nueva can accommodate up to 800 guests standing or 370 seated. Individually, each venue can hold 400 standing or around 200 for a seated event. Hiring both includes use of their stunning indoor dining rooms, as well as Aqua Nueva’s bar and outdoor terrace for guests seeking a break from the festivities.

For smaller events, Aqua Nueva offers two adaptable private dining spaces, El Salon and La Casita, each with its own private terrace. Both spaces can host 15 guests seated or 30 banquet-style when combined. For reception-style events, consider hiring Nueva’s bar and terrace, which can accommodate up to 100 guests. Aqua Kyoto, on the other hand, boasts a spectacular spirit bar designed in a cosy izakaya style.

Whichever space you choose, a variety of menus is available to suit your event’s style, from festive brunches to elegant sharing menus, and relaxed canapes and bowl food. With both venues featuring centrepiece bar areas, expect a selection of innovative cocktails expertly mixed by a skilled team, adding a special final flourish to your Christmas party in London.




Google Reviews

909 reviews
  • Sue Clancy
    Sue Clancy
    a month ago

    The restaurant appreared HUGE to me, that said, the service was absolutely impeccable. Very attentive. We chose a selection of the Tapas, again, 10/10. There's some almighty talent in those kitchens! Not only beautifully presented, it was definitely a treat for the taste buds. Only downfall, for me? The music, whilst great selection, was just too loud for the dining area. Fabulous location, so lucky for a clear, mild evening for the roof garden!

  • Paul Cruz
    Paul Cruz
    4 months ago

    Me and my partner celebrated our anniversary here. Our table was initially cancelled minutes before the booking which shocked us but the staff listened to us and put back our booking after confirming it wasn't us who they just talked to about cancelling the table(?). We were shown to our seats which I requested to be near a window and was granted so that was a plus. We were greeted by our server but the music in the restaurant was so loud almost worst than a pub that I couldn't hear him. It was very dark inside as well so we almost couldn't see the menu. After ordering, service was fast and food was delicious. Maybe a bit too overpriced because of the serving? We ordered 1 still water : Costs £4.5! 2 Bellinis: Very good and strong alcohol Souffle omelette: Mediocre lukewarm omelette Croquettes: Good serving and tasty Crab tostados: Delicious but 2 pcs of tostados for £14 seems like overkill Beef short ribs were amazing. Definitely recommended. Goat's milk flan with ice cream and candy floss: Was a treat to the tastebuds We were surprised with a "felicidades" micro cake which was a plus. In total we spent around >£100 including the 12.5% service charge.

  • Dixie N
    Dixie N
    5 months ago

    We ordered some drinks at the terrace bar, the barman charged us more than the menu price, when queried, he said he added discretionary service charge, he should have asked first before charging, plus we had a reservation so we did not want to pay two lots of service charge. He refused to let us charge the drinks to the table. He was extremely rude. Once we got the our table a friend joined us, she had to wait more than 20 mins for her drink, even though we chased it up twice in that time. The food was all soft in texture, bland and disappointing. Unfortunately I cannot recommend this place.

  • Dorian Wall
    Dorian Wall
    2 months ago

    What an amazing find, elevator to 5th floor, dark and atmospheric, lovely staff and amazing food. We asked for the pre theatre menu which is a great option and had: rustic tomato bread, Chef's omelette, croquettes (Iberiamn ham, cheese & truffle), wild mushroom guisa, slow cooked lamb, chilli & garlic prawns, pork tenderloin, and finished with seasonal fruit salad and a chocolate churros. Loved it, Little bit too dark for my old eyes 👀

  • Ali
    4 months ago

    Aqua Nueva: A Tapestry of Flavors and Elegance Located in the heart of London, Aqua Nueva is a culinary gem that takes your taste buds on an enchanting journey through Spanish cuisine. From the moment we stepped inside, we were captivated by the sophisticated ambience and warm hospitality. The culinary adventure commenced with a delightful selection of tapas. The Rustic Tomato Bread was a divine introduction, boasting a crusty exterior that gave way to a soft and flavorful centre. The Padrón Peppers, grilled to perfection, provided a delightful zing, while the Truffle Croquette was a heavenly symphony of earthy aromas and velvety textures. The Black Seafood Croquette was a true revelation, filled with succulent treasures from the sea. Every bite unveiled a medley of flavours that danced upon our palates. As the tapas continued, we were treated to the Roasted Delica Pumpkin with Artichoke Mayo, a harmonious blend of sweet and savoury notes. The Pearl Barley Risotto with White & Green Asparagus showcased a delectable combination of tender grains and crisp asparagus, leaving us craving for more. The main course was a celebration of seafood mastery. The Creamy Mackerel Escabeche, delicately marinated in a tangy sauce, perfectly complemented the tender baby carrots and delicate herring caviar. The Cod Tempura, with its light and crispy batter, showcased the impeccable freshness of the fish, harmonizing flawlessly with the basil and red pepper sauce. Dessert was a grand finale that left us in awe. The Seasonal Fruit Salad, adorned with vibrant sorbet and luscious mango-passion fruit sauce, provided a refreshing and invigorating conclusion to the meal. The Pistachio Churros, accompanied by a velvety dark chocolate sauce, were an indulgent delight, each bite revealing a tantalizing crunch followed by a burst of nutty sweetness. To accompany our feast, we savoured the enticing mocktails. The Pink Paradise, with its refreshing blend of watermelon, pink grapefruit juice, and invigorating mint, was an oasis of flavours. The Lychee Lemonade, tingling with the tanginess of lychee juice and infused with ginger and lemongrass cordial, was a rejuvenating elixir. The Apple Mojito, with its crisp apple juice, zesty lime, and effervescence of Fever-Tree soda water, added a lively twist to our culinary experience. The service was excellent. Magdalena and Ciprian were both fantastic. Magdalena made some great recommendations. In conclusion, Aqua Nueva is a haven for food enthusiasts seeking a refined and vibrant dining experience. With their impeccable attention to detail, masterful execution of flavours, and ambience that transports you to the heart of Spain, Aqua Nueva has truly earned its place among London's culinary elite.