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    If you are searching for Christmas party ideas for your office Christmas party in London then congratulations, as you have stumbled upon the best Christmas party website for shared and exclusive Christmas events and we will tell you why!

    To the left you will see a small selection of some of the most popular Christmas parties in London this year, with some of the most creative and exciting themed Christmas events available to book for groups of all sizes, from 10 guests up to thousands of guests. Finding your party on Christmas Events London is the best way to book your staff Christmas party, as we have collected all of the best Christmas events in London, made it easy for you to search these Christmas parties to find the right one for you, as well as the best Christmas party venues in London, with a team of event planning experts on hand to offer you free advice and support. Once you have found a Christmas party, Christmas party venue or a bespoke Christmas party that our team have created for you then we will help you book your party direct with the Christmas venue, event producer or group responsible for organising the event.

    This means there is no middle man and you can be sure you are getting the best rates possible and that the communication is as straightforward as possible in the run-up to your event. We do not mark up prices, unlike many other Christmas party companies. Our service is completely 100% free for anyone planning a Christmas party in London, as we are funded entirely by the venues, caterers and event producers that we work with. Our team of event planning experts also produce some of our own events and offer a free Christmas party venue finding service, as well as a bespoke Christmas party planning service as well.

    So if you are planning an event a Christmas event in London and want to get the best Christmas party possible for your group, at the best possible price then you have come to the right place and our team will be delighted to help you plan a Christmas party for your team, a group of friends with a quick and transparent service that you are going to love.

    London Christmas Party Ideas

    When planning a company Christmas party in London there are plenty of amazing and creative Christmas party ideas to choose from, with incredible themed Christmas party packages that you can book straight off the shelf, with plenty of room for customising your event to suit your specific needs. We have made it as easy as possible to search and secure the incredible office Christmas parties on our website. We also know that every work Christmas party is different and our team are here to help you work out the best Christmas party option for your group and their preferences this year. In addition to the hundreds of Christmas venues and packaged Christmas party options on our website, our team of event planners at the leading events agency Love Events London, are available to assist you in your Christmas party planning. We work exclusively with the best Christmas venues in London, ranging from unique event spaces, through to bars and nightclubs, as well as elegant Christmas party venues in all shapes and sizes.

    With so much to choose from it is always a good idea to use the enquiry form on this page to tell us about your ideal Christmas party preferences. Our team of event experts will then be able to come back to you with a range of tailored Christmas party ideas that will be perfect for your Christmas event this year.

    Christmas Party Planning Tips

    The first thing to think about when planning your office Christmas party is to understand what is most important to your guests and the decision-maker, Whether that is yourself or your boss. Think about location, your budget for this year, whether you would prefer an informal standing event or a more traditional seated Christmas party with the banquet, the type of entertainment and music guests will appreciate and whether they will enjoy some of the more creative themed Christmas party ideas on our website. Once you have this information, planning your Christmas party will be a piece of cake.

    When thinking about the best location for your Christmas party think about whether your guests are going to be travelling from home or whether they will be travelling from the office after work. Ideally, it is always best to find a Christmas party that involves as little travel for your guests as possible, so if your guests are spread all over London then choose a Christmas party that is in a central and accessible location, or if you are planning to go to the event with your colleagues straight after work then choose something that is in walking distance or a short journey on public transport from your office, as travelling far across London before a party can be a real buzzkill.

    If you are planning a Christmas party in London then you will be spoiled for choice, as every year teams of amazing event producers and venue managers put on their thinking caps and come up with the most creative and unusual Christmas party ideas that they can think of. These unique and unusual Christmas parties can come in the shape of large shared parties for smaller groups to join or exclusive events for bigger teams to enjoy, so there is something for everyone.

    If you can’t find what you are looking for on this page then the easiest way to plan a Christmas party is to get in touch with our team using the enquiry form above. However if you are looking for more Christmas party ideas that you will find a wide range of options in our Christmas venues section, as well as our exclusive Christmas party section for large events, or even in our shared Christmas parties page, which features a range of large Christmas party events with amazing entertainment and packages that smaller groups can join. We look forward to helping you plan the perfect Christmas party this year that will amaze your guests and reward your colleagues.

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      ​Office Christmas parties are one of the most effective ways to reward and motivate your team after a successful year. Whatever your budget, we have the perfect Christmas party solution for you, ranging from premium Christmas parties that will treat your guests to a night of luxury, through to fun and relaxed Christmas parties for low-budget briefs.

      There are plenty of options for smaller budgets, from group private dining, through to private and semi-private areas in bars and nightclubs, as well as shared Christmas parties that groups can book into, joining an incredible Christmas party. Our shared Christmas parties are awesome, featuring an amazing venue, top caterers and wonderful entertainment. The reason these are so popular is that companies can share the costs with other groups and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of a larger event as well.

      So whether you are feeling flush this year, or feel the need to limit expenses where possible, do not blow off the company Christmas party and instead let us find a Christmas event that will be perfect for your group size and budget. It is better to party on a bootleg budget than not to party at all!