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55 Christmas Event Ideas for Work in London

55 Christmas Event Ideas for Work in London

The Best Christmas Event Ideas for Work Christmas Parties 2023

Need to make this year’s work Christmas party in London the talk of the office? We’ve got your back. Here’s your one-stop guide to sleighing this holiday season.

Quickly Explore Our Work Christmas Event Ideas Here

  1. Shared Christmas Parties
  2. Exclusive Packaged Christmas Parties
  3. Christmas Party Venues
  4. Popular Themes
  5. Unique Ideas for Games
  6. Popular London Locations
  7. Cost-Efficient Ideas
  8. Catering and Drinks

Shared Christmas Parties

Craving epic festivities but got a smaller crew? No worries. Opt for shared Christmas parties. Perfect for groups of 10-200, you get the mega-venue vibes while mingling with others.

Swell Shared Party Venues:

Exclusive Packaged Christmas Parties

If bigger is better for your team, exclusive packaged Christmas parties are the way to go. Own the venue, own the night!

Top Picks for Exclusive Packages

Christmas Party Venues

Whether it’s swanky or quirky, London has a spectrum of Christmas party venues. Central London, West End, or the City, we’ve got options!

Venues That Are Bell-Ringers

Stuck in a Christmas theme rut? Get out of the ‘Frosty the Snowman’ loop. London is a melting pot of cultures, and your themed Christmas events can be too.

Themes That’ll Light Up Your Party:

  1. Winter Wonderland: Snowflakes, icicles, and plenty of twinkling lights.
  2. Great Gatsby: A Roaring ’20s extravaganza—flappers and jazz included!
  3. Masquerade Ball: Glamour, mystery, and a bit of Venetian flare.
  4. Harry Potter: Cast a spell for a magical night at Hogwarts.
  5. Black and White: Chic and sophisticated—perfect for a corporate setting.

Unique Ideas for Games

So you’ve sorted the venue and theme; what about fun? Here’s where you can inject some personality into the event with games. Traditional or not, these can make or break your party.

Must-Try Christmas Games:

  • Gingerbread House Contest: Teams, a heap of candy, and a time limit!
  • Christmas Bingo: Bingo but with a Christmas twist—more Santa, less numbers!
  • Secret Santa with a Twist: Random gift exchange with a clue-based hunt.
  • Elf on the Shelf Scavenger Hunt: Find that sneaky elf!
  • Ugly Sweater Contest: The uglier, the better!

Forget boring, go iconic. London landmarks can serve as stellar backdrops for your office Christmas event venues.

London’s Jolliest Locations

  • Southbank: A riverside Christmas market with views of the London Eye.
  • Covent Garden: Known for its dazzling lights and holiday spirit.
  • Soho: The nightlife centre can easily be transformed into a Christmas haven.
  • Tower Bridge: Exclusive venues near this landmark offer breathtaking views.
  • Oxford Street: Transform a nearby venue into your own winter shopping wonderland.

Cost-Efficient Ideas

Feeling the budget squeeze? You can still make a splash without splashing too much cash. Corporate Christmas party venues can be classy and cost-efficient.

Budget-Friendly Tips:

  1. Potluck Style: Employees bring a dish to share.
  2. Happy Hour: Limit the open bar to an hour.
  3. DIY Decor: Handmade decorations bring a personal touch.
  4. Digital Invites: Save on paper and postage.
  5. Volunteer DJ: Let employees take turns at the decks.

Catering and Drinks

The way to an employee’s heart? Through their stomach! Food and drinks are the lifeblood of any Christmas party.

Yummy Christmas Dishes:

  • Mince Pies: A British Christmas staple.
  • Roast Turkey: Classic and comforting.
  • Christmas Pudding: Tradition in a dish!
  • Mulled Wine: Spiced and warming for those cold London nights.
  • Pigs in Blankets: Tiny sausages wrapped in bacon. Need we say more?

Special Considerations for 2023

Hold on, not so fast! It’s 2023, and we’ve got some unique factors to consider for this year’s office bash. Maybe it’s new pandemic-related guidelines, or perhaps it’s the trends that are hot this Christmas. Stay in the know.

What to Look Out For:

  1. Sustainability: Eco-friendly venues and zero-waste options are all the rage.
  2. Health & Safety: Make sure venues adhere to the latest guidelines.
  3. Tech Integration: Virtual reality or live streaming for remote team members.
  4. Food Trends: From plant-based menus to exotic global cuisines, be adventurous!
  5. Outdoor Options: Heated terraces or gardens for more space and fresh air.

Christmas Event Questions

When planning, a host of questions bubble up. Let’s pop some of those bubbles and make your party planning smoother than Santa’s sleigh ride.

Common Questions:

  • What’s the best month to book? The earlier the better, especially for bigger parties. 1000 guests? Start in January. 200 Guests? Popular dates sell out in May. 30 Guests? Secure a popular date before September.
  • Dress code? Depending on your theme and venue. Smart casual with no trainers is common at most events and shared parties.
  • How to plan a Christmas party? We have answered this in great detail with our Christmas Party Planning Guide.
  • Alcohol policy? Most caterers and packaged parties will have flexible alcohol options and packages. Know the limits and provide non-alcoholic options. 
  • How do I manage RSVPs? Create a quick template using Google Forms, link it to a Google Sheets document and send it out to your company email list, with an RSVP deadline and dietary requirement section. Many of our packaged and shared Christmas parties will have bespoke digital tools to make this much easier for you!

Feeling festive yet? Good! The sparkling lights of London are just waiting to illuminate your perfect office Christmas bash. So gear up, make a list—check it twice if you have to—and dive into the holiday spirit. For more help, explore our complete guide on how to plan a Christmas party

Entertainment and Music

Alright, you’ve got your venue and theme, food’s sorted, but what about the jams? The tunes? The… entertainment? Consider hiring a local band to give your Christmas event a cosy, communal vibe, or maybe a DJ to spin some festive tracks.

Types of Entertainment:

  • Live Bands: Jazz, rock, or even a carol choir.
  • DJ: Spinning the classics and today’s hits with a Christmas twist.
  • Magic Show: A close-up magician to wow your colleagues.
  • Photo Booth: With fun props and a Christmas backdrop.
  • Caricature Artists: Memorable keepsakes for guests to take home.


If your venue is a bit far-flung, or you just want to add a touch of luxury, think about transportation. Coaches, double-decker buses, or even boats on the Thames can add to the festivities.

Transport Options:

  • Chartered Bus: Picks up and drops off at multiple points.
  • River Cruise: A scenic and festive journey along the Thames.
  • Taxis: Pre-arranged pick-ups for small groups.
  • Horse-Drawn Carriage: For an over-the-top fairytale experience.
  • Walking: If the venue’s central, why not enjoy London’s Christmas lights?

Final Checklist

Before you don your ugly Christmas sweater and start downing mulled wine, make sure you’ve ticked off all the boxes. A smooth event is a successful event, after all.

Last-Minute Checklist:

  1. Venue: Confirm bookings and layout. Nearby Christmas party venues often offer package deals.
  2. Catering: Final headcount and dietary restrictions.
  3. Entertainment: Double-check tech requirements. 
  4. Transportation: Confirm times and routes, or simply send guests the address if they are making their own way there!
  5. Communication: Send out a final reminder with all the essential details.

There you have it! From shared soirées to exclusive bashes, London offers an endless array of Christmas party options. So whether you’re looking for a classic Christmas or a creative twist, you’re all set. Find more Christmas party ideas and tips here. 🎄

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