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Best Shared Office Christmas Parties In London 2023

Best Shared Office Christmas Parties In London 2023

If you have a small team or group of guests and are looking for fun and unusual ideas for your office Christmas party this year then a corporate shared Christmas party in London may be your best bet. Shared office Christmas parties allow smaller groups to join a much larger event and share the costs of an amazing venue, memorable entertainment and a high level of event production with many other companies and in London these parties are some of the best and most exciting in the world. The alternative for many small groups planning a Christmas party would be to hire a space in a bar or nightclub, or to explore private dining options, which our team can also help with.

If you are considering joining a shared Christmas party and booking it for your group then it is a good idea to understand how they work. The good news is that shared Christmas parties are the easiest Christmas parties to plan and you happen to be reading about them on the best website for planning these events in London, which we will back up below. 

The first thing to do is to browse events (we have made this easy for anyone in London on our website) and see what amazing themes and ideas are available for shared Christmas parties this year, or save time and ask us to make a shortlist for you. Our team have been researching and putting together the best shared Christmas events in London since January and so the easiest way to find a perfect party for your team is to get in touch with our event planning experts at Love Events, who will be able to plan the event for you and can do this for you completely for free, as we are funded entirely by the venues and event producers that we work with.

If you have a clear idea of the type of event that you are looking for then you will also be able to find details of the best shared Christmas parties in London here on our website, with some of the most popular shared events listed here on this page.

One of the best things about a shared Christmas party and a big reason that many of our Christmas clients come back again and again is that in addition to having amazing venues, top-notch catering, fantastic entertainment and amazing event production, shared office Christmas parties also naturally have an incredible atmosphere that is hard to find when planning a Christmas party for smaller groups. So if you have a team of as low as 8 guests up to 100 or 200 guests then take a look at the shared Christmas parties on this page and get in touch with our team of event planning experts who will be able to help you plan an amazing and memorable event that your guests will love.

Best Shared Office Christmas Parties In London 2023

What is a Shared Christmas Party?

A shared Christmas party is a large Christmas party that smaller groups can join, sharing the venue, entertainment, catering and production with other companies, as well as the costs. In London a shared office Christmas party involves an amazing atmosphere, with a range of creative and interesting themes to choose from with plenty of room to tailor the package to suit your group. Many shared Christmas parties in London will follow a similar formula, with guests arriving at a large venue early evening and enjoying a welcome drinks reception, followed by a seated meal with companies having their own exclusive tables and live entertainment throughout dinner, followed by further entertainment and dancing usually ending at around midnight or 1 AM.

How to Plan a Shared Office Christmas Party?

The easiest way to start your search is by contacting our team, who will find out your preferences this year and recommend suitable events, at the best prices, offer friendly advice and give you the most choice, ultimately allowing you to book direct with the venue or event manager for complete peace of mind. Our team of event planning experts are funded by the venues and event producers that we work with and so can help you find the best Christmas parties at the lowest rates.

Alternatively you can browse our website and our friends at LoveChristmas.London have some great ideas! You can also search online, although beware of agents that mark up prices and also those that make you sign their own contract. It is always better to book direct with the group running the actual event, which our team will help you do.

We look forward to hearing about your party preferences and have some amazing events to tell you about!

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